The best things to do, see, and visit in the state of California ||Customer Travel Before Covid-19 Story #14 2020

We're actually gonna go there in a few days that's cool we get to try it before we go yay that's so adorable welcome to California we wanted to wish you both a wonderful and relaxing stay hopefully you get to enjoy this beautiful weather if there's anything we can do to make your stay amazing so cute that's like and it's like handwritten like that's really cute she has very neat penmanship i was thinking the same thing and look i think this is like a deck of cards







I literally love staying at places like this this is cute i love that they provide this for you like this is really sweet i love it when you first walk in the room check out these huge like double full-length mirrors that's amazing that's really amazing outfit checker his way that is nice you're staying longer they have more of the beachy theme they have like this cute little seashell nightlight and then they have this little canister with little seashells in it that's really cute just for decoration





You probably know california is very green you know you have the choice to have your towels be washed every day or you can hang it on the rack and it means you'll use it again so you have the option to help conserve and they have a lot of amenities first i love how this is set up it's really cute and nice looking i love it and i love that it doesn't take away you know from space on the counter

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