Bobbejaanland opened with a one-of-a-kind gimmick ||Customer Travel Story #15 2019

We went to efteling this bottom a wealth on the line before the yes elegans purely because they've got loads of escalating roads overnight but I've got much to edit for wrestling it's unreal at this point and everywhere for there we go furiously knew for 2019 if but a weird weird set up on that you can choose whether you're going to go forwards or backwards so that's gonna be quite interesting









I think everyone the coastal votes and then the closeness or goes with the vote that got the most it will be one of the premier ice skyrocket brides and that was pretty good hopefully it does look quite impressive it should be interesting quite strange that this is our girl our it's quite nice theming





It's brought fire around I'm so glad that everyone out there outside chose back with your legs mostly makes ended up pressing forwards why I have no idea why you did that you did refresh forwards you just the pause 100 that was intense it was really good quite forceful full of that to term it was trying to put my arms up and then the faults that the riders brought them down

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Customer Travel Booking Informatiom

MY customer name:Nelu Fermus
Customer Country :Italy
Travel Country : Belgium
Spend Days :1 Week
Agent Dealing :Third Party
Fees Charges :500$+Government Tax
Travel Story Purchase Price:2o$

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