Visiting a Japanese Supermarket in Japan with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

When I go on holiday, the first two things I tend to do when I settle down is to find the closest transport and supermarket. The supermarket is a wonderful place to find out what is in season, what locals like to eat if there are festivals on and particular food are selling due to these special days can all be seen at a supermarket. Not only that, but it is also the place to buy fresh milk, fruit, and nappies for my kids.

japanese supermarket.jpg

As I am alone with mum this time in Japan, my target items are not milk and nappies but adult food I don’t have much time to have with them. Let me show you what I normally look for when I visit a Japanese supermarket. I miss Japanese fresh produce. When I go to Japan, I do look out for their big juicy grape, they are expensive but are super juicy for some reason. 90% of the time I buy them taste as good as the last time. I also love their apples as they seemed to look so perfect unlike the ones back home. Not to say they are also nice and juicy.

The next thing to look for is sashimi. I love sashimi so anything I can’t get in Sydney or too expensive in particular Toro (fatty tuna) is my first choice of fish. Next would be ikura which is big salmon roe. We don’t have fresh ones in Sydney so this is a must-have when I come to Japan. Look out for the specials after work as many supermarkets will reduce the prices for their sashimi/sushi boxes so everything could be sold off before closing. Sometimes you get great discounts!



Next would have to be the cup noodle section. Australian cup noodles aren’t great and Asian cup noodles which I tend to buy in particular Japanese ones are so expensive and limited in variety. Here I see a whole line of them, a huge variety of flavour and with great prices. It sounds a bit sad but I do buy a few extras to take home.

IMG_9520 (1).JPG


The next section will have to be snacks and drinks. There are so many great snacks and drinks in Japan I just want to take everything home. Since having the kids, I tend to buy snacks that come in small individual packets so we can portion them equally with the two little ones. It also limits them on how much they could eat each time.

IMG_3461 (1).JPG

Finally, before I leave, I normally get ice cream or dessert of some sort. Not sure why but I find the ice cream in Japan generally are a bit creamier and less sweet. In the end, we bought what we needed for two days and we will be back for more as we stay int the city.



IMG_1298 (2).JPG


animation by @catwomanteresa

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Good !

20.01.2020 13:24

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20.01.2020 13:24

You and I should go on a trip one day.
We both love supermarkets and shopping for food stuff and nicely packed ready to eat food too :)

20.01.2020 15:41

oh yah I think we should do it next time - maybe next steemfest!! Happy CNY!!!

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25.01.2020 09:52

Taking cup noodles home with you isn't weird at all. At ¥119 per? That's definitely worth taking a few bowls home with you!

20.01.2020 15:56

oh yah at that price, I wanted to take more hope!! And i'm glad you don't think its weird to take cup noodles home :)

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