Europe - Weekly Round-Up #97

Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed Europe roundup!

Europe as a travel destination has so much to offer, sometimes it's kind of hard what country or city to choose for your next vacation. Get inspired by the following travel articles shared on and learn about some of the best spots of the continent.

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2019 travel summary - cycled across Europe and more by @boga4

๐Ÿ“รrea Metropolitana de Lisboa, Portugal

Merry Christmas and happy new year! 2019 was probably the most succesfull year for me, according to finished trips. 13 countries, 6 of them - new for me. Over 5500 km cycled in total. 7 flights.[...]

Saint Denis Mistletoe festival by @dexpartacus

๐Ÿ“Aosta Valley, Italy

### Ciao Steemians! --- *Mistletoe is an evergreen plant, parasitic of trees such as pines, firs, limes, apple trees, poplars and oaks. Winter is the season in which it is most visible, with the bare trees you can see its large bushes very well.* --- ![]() --- *A famous tradition accompanies its bushy branchs, which are considered a love a[...]

Art and Travel Notebooks. For the Burgos Merindades: El Vigo, the enigmatic Romanesque church of San by @juancar347

๐Ÿ“Castile and Leรณn, Spain

As singer Mari Trini said, may she rest in peace, in this one of her best-known classics, "truths are only words you can believe or not." But I think it fell short or at least, very scarce in limiting the issue of belief and truth, only to words.[...]

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