Asia - Weekly Round-Up #97

Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed Asia roundup!

Are you bored out of your mind and need a distraction? Then we got the right articles for you, the following are our favorite posts from last week featuring Asia. Start reading and daydreaming. If you haven’t shared your stories yet, don’t forget to give it a try on!

The BEST posts for Asia

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Two Of My Favourite Places In Coonoor For Tea And Coffee by @elsaenroute

📍Tamil Nadu, India

I had mentioned TANTEA, a small tea shop we found in the first blog from Coonoor saying this place needs a separate blog to write about it. This blog is about two such places in Coonoor which were our favourites to spend time over a tea or coffee with great view of nature. TANTEA was this small tea stall we found during a casual walk in Coonoor. S[...]

Real Life Captured #304: Bangkok Thailand! Part Three (10 Photos) by @world-travel-pro

📍Bangkok, Thailand

I love Bangkok! And that is not just what the shirt says! Bangkok is probably my favorite major city in the world. The food, people, sights, sounds, even the smells keep me coming back again and again. But what kept me in the city this time was steemfest 4! Steemfest was a blast and the fact that it was in my favorite city meant all that much more[...]

The Crossing (aka The Arrival) by @ackhoo

📍Penang, Malaysia

I don't easily get to take shots of reflections... I don't know why, but I don't! Particularly reflections of light or light-play on a wide body of water, like this... I guess it is because I don't live near any reasonably sized body of water, i.e. sea, lake, pond or river... So, this ferry crossing gave me good opportunity to do so I ramble and d[...]

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