I ate delicious Jeju boxy season box

I ate delicious Jeju boxy season box

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Jeju restaurant weemi season box

Really ~ Really, I have been to Seogwipo for a long time.

I really like Wimi,

How long will you be visiting,

Oh, you came to Aeggidongbaek Garden last winter.

A place that is always welcoming with flowers.

Camellias in winter, and camellia is still blooming all over town.

And now in April, through the cherry trees

It's a pretty neighborhood where you can drive ~ ^^

Jeju Wimiri Restaurant Season Box

Search for Jeju restaurants on SNS,

Oh, it's Facebook, Instagram, and it's been a day!

Are you going to go?

There are a lot of cafes but not many restaurants.

Also, we don't have any menu we like

I picked it up for a long time!

Puppy guys! No matter how mischievous you are,

I missed the video.

You can park about 4 or 5 cars at the entrance of the store.

It was lunch time, and only one table had guests.

Was it too early?

I ate here and went around,

The parking lot is full of cars.

It's still popular ~ ^^

There are 6 tables in the room, and they are laid free.

The map of Jeju Island and the season box are also drawn on the wall.

I sit at the table and give me a menu like this.

Select the menu and go to the counter to place your order.

It would be nice if you calculated while ordering,

I'll pay later.

I'll have Jukkumi Sam Bulgogi and homemade pork cutlet.

At the same time finished food.

Homemade pork cutlet set

Jeju pork, seasoned rice, salad, seaweed cold soup

Jukkumi Sam Bulgogi, sold only in spring

Jukkumi and Jeju pork legs are spicy and sweet.

Isn't it appetizing in spring?

Strangely these days, spicy stuff often pulls.

Let's replenish your energy with a good squash to eat in spring! ^^

You can wrap it in lettuce and eat it,

It was good to mix it with rice.

Spicy is a bit spicy and sweet

It was a magical lunch that made me eat when I was full.

And a little unfortunately, the lettuce tap was wilted and sour,

I thought it would have been nice to cut it out when I put it a little bit

The shape of the phallus ~ Cute! ^^

If you wrap it in a bite

You can feel the chewy, spicy and sweet taste at once.

Jeju Restaurant Season Box ~

This is mine!

I keep eating pork cutlet

I ate a lot of thick pork cutlet!

Jeju black pork is famous and delicious,

Just how delicious pork is ~ ^^

I think I live in Jeju and eat more pork than sashimi.

Children are so fond of it, like eating 3-4 times a week.

The thick pork cutlet is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

It's not in the picture, but if you eat it with green onions

Full of flavor ~ juicy fang ~

The eyes open wide by themselves! ^^

The green onion was unique because it was mixed with sweet sauce.

Each menu comes with seaweed cold soup, kimchi and dessert with yogurt.

Jukkumi Sam Bulgogi Rice Bowl and Pork Cutlet Set

It was a satisfying lunch.

Black pork rice bowl is also a representative menu.

It was a meal for breakfast and lunch,

I couldn't digest why I was so full.

So, I also saw Olle 5 Course Big Behind Kumho Resort.

A tunnel with a map of the Korean peninsula,

I think it's a little ...

Try to adjust the angle as similarly as possible,

I was satisfied with this.

I see blue sea over the Korean peninsula

It's so cloudy that I don't know whether it's sea or air.

Olle 5 course, especially Olle trail

This is the first time I've seen you down.

It's a rock with an Indian chief's face.

It's amazing because it looks very similar.

Passing Cocomongland by the side of the Olle trail

Yumiri Tour to Eat and Walk Olle Trail

It was a great day! ^^

Points of interest nearby

Jeju Shinyoung Film Museum, Cocomong Eco Park, Olle 5 Course

Heo Lee, Soesokkak.

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