Financial Report - A support from @el-nailul and @nazarul for team Philippines

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Hola Steemians!

How are you doing? Hope you are all doing great, healthy and safe! It is been a while since the last time I was active in this platform. As far as I remember, It was last June 11, 2021 when I started to feel unwell. I was struggling for a while of LBM and fever at the same time. Fever that only takes place during nights. It lasted for about more than two weeks time.


As Jack Lalane quoted:

"Your body is the most priceless possession, take care of it!"

After medication; hydration and get enough rest and sleep, all glory to God I did able to conquer my illness.

From April of 2021, I have received a support from sir @el-nailul and sir @nazarul for my charity events for homeless and the needy. 25SBD in total from sir @el-nailul and 3SBD + 10 steem from sir @nazarul. I did able to exchange 28SBD to Philippine peso amounting Php 6, 969.05 and the 10 steem is still on my steemit account (was not able to monetize it since I did not know at that time how to exchange it to Philippine peso) . Here is the liquidation of the proceeds.


Php 1 , 213.45 - May 01, 2021 (Olango Island Activity - Giving Groceries to 25 families)
(Amount was bought for noodles, coffee and chocolate drinks for kids)




Php 640.00 - May 15, 2021 (Homeless Charity Activity - Giving of Packed of sliced bread and bottled water)
(Amount was bought for 10 packs of sliced bread and bottled water - my apology I misplaced the receipt)


Php 1, 260 - T-shirt Printing for neighborhood children ( Still pending because of past health issues - Planning to hold the feeding activity before month of July ends.) ( 9 t-shirts for Php 140.00)



Php 2, 530 - June 19, 2021 (Olango Island 2nd Acitvity - Giving Slippers to the Kids in the Island).
(Amount was bought for slippers for 53 kids.)




photo owned by @bisayakalog, @fabio2614, and @rosevillariasa

photo owned by @bisayakalog , @fabio2614, and @rosevillariasa

TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT - Php 5, 643.45

Amount Left on Hand - Php 1, 325.60 (to be spent for the upcoming feeding activity together with the giving of t - shirts for kids)

To sir @nazarul and sir @el-nailul, always so grateful for your support.

Best regard to@steem.amal @steem.sea @steemseacurator @anroja. Thank you so much for the better life program and for the inspiration you have brought to everyone helping one another. And grateful for the endless support of steemcurator01 of this block chain.

Spread the LOVE and be a BLESSING!


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06.07.2021 12:25

Welcome Back @traderpaw!

06.07.2021 12:52
06.07.2021 12:54

Don't push yourselves too hard @traderpaw. You have to recover yourselves at first before going out to distribute the aids

Stay safe and healthy

06.07.2021 13:41

Thank you so much sir @el-nailul, I really appreciate your effort and time checking on me on how I am doing. I am so grateful. Very well noted sir. You too sir, stay safe and healthy.


06.07.2021 13:54

I love to see you socializing, but your health is very important. I hope you are always well and healthy.....

We love Philipina ❤️

06.07.2021 15:22

Thank you so much for the reminder sir @nazarul, you too sir, praying for you and sir @el-nailul always in good health and safe from any danger and calamity.

06.07.2021 16:33

opps, welcome back my friend... pinadupa man ang picture my friend😆

06.07.2021 21:33

opps I did it again my friend @fabio2614! hahaha lagi may nanalo na sa posing contest mah friend. hihihi

09.07.2021 03:40

Welcome back ma'am!❤️

07.07.2021 01:45

Thank you sir @steemitcebu. yay! I am back. :-)

09.07.2021 03:41