handy dandy tripod. All words and images are mine (unless otherwise indicated),and can sometimes also be foundugh YorkFaceboia sites.Speaking of witch which...I have Instag+00:..."> handy dandy tripod. All words and images are mine (unless otherwise indicated),and can sometimes also be foundugh YorkFaceboia sites.Speaking of witch which...I have Instag+00:..."> handy dandy tripod. All words and images are mine (unless otherwise indicated),and can sometimes also be foundugh YorkFaceboia sites.Speaking of witch which...I have Instag+00:...">

The Gratitude Challenge & My Steem Journey (Power House Creatives Contest entry)

InternetG33k gamer street cred was in serious jeopardy because not only did I not have a Discord account, I didn't even know how to work the frelling thing!

@steemitbloggers to the rescue!

I'm not exactly sure what post I bumped into her on, but during our brief exchange, she casually mentioned I should check out the Steemit Bloggers (now known as The Power House Creatives) community on Discord. I believe I mentioned my hesitation because I wasn't familiar with it, and she said something to the effect of, "Don't be such a big baby, if you want to succeed you need to step out of your comfort zone and go for it! It's pretty straightforward to figure out and we can help you out if you have questions."

Once I got my feet wet, I ended up joining a bunch more Steem related Discord servers (@steemsugars, @minnowsupport all immediately come to mind), but it was finding that one community (PHC for me) that welcomed you in, walked you around and showed you where everything was, and whose coffee cup you should never touch, and who to go to when you needed something (and who could be bribed and with what) that made me feel like this was a place I could be successful.

My Steem Journey these days

Since that time, I've started two of my own communities - @SteemitWitchery (which I created in April 2018 and STILL haven't writtber.

h2> Str... oopde

've belso got the ball rolling on the "Ten Facts, One Lie" game that was going around the blockchain back in early 2018, I started the #SteemBloPoMo challenge in April of this year, and I plan to host it again this November.

Steem Gratitude

I've been blogging since 2005, and I've actuall$70 USD.

img sron hosting costs than I've ever made from my occasional "for pay" posts or AdCents (spelling intentional). While being able to share my writing, photography, and weekly free Tarot card readings />

ince t reality is that bills need to be paid, and every since my post-partum diagnosis after our youngest was born in 2000, my ability and opportunity to earn money has been scarcer than hens' teeth!

However, after being on the Steem blockchain for four months (granted it was during that amazeballs bull run during late 2017/early2018), I cashed out 10 SBD for just over $70 USD.

Come to the Steemit Side…We Have Crypto" -

Come to Steemit for the cryptocurrency, but stay for the awesome people and amazing community connections. And no, there’s no hidden fees, or kickbacks for getting new members on the site.

Oh, and nd2018/04/First-bank-deposit-balance-edited-out.jpg" alt="Come to the Steemit Side" width="952" height="174" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-11601" />

Since that time, I've been stacking my Steem, and re-invested that $70 more than a few times over. Even in this bear market (and before I got involved on Steem, I had NO clue what any of these investment term thingysde post!

h2> Chd at the potential I sls

peakinocurrency holder, a blogger, and a member of the international, censorship free community of wicked awe post...

a hrefulously smart and interesting people from all over the globe (yes I know I already said "international," I'm just driving the point home!).


hat ham tagging for you?

ave yoeemit.com/@dswigle" rel="noopener noreferrur life?

ave yo>@dswigle, to write their own Steem Gratitude post! Speaking of the challenge, and since I completeicipate! /blocote> a criteria at the beginning of this post... The Gratitude Challenge


espitee for you?

Have you met some awesome people who have changed your life?

Have you earned some rewards on a post, and maybe bought something useful/cool with the money? (photos please!)

Has Steem been useful as a foundation for you to build an online profile that can never be taken from you?

I want to take these real-life testimonies and blast them all over the ith them.

can wpost and use the hashtag #GratitudeChallenge and tag three friends to participate!

PowerHouseCreatives Contest | My Steem Journey (Contest Details)

Despite the low Steem rates against BTC, there will always be onup with.


h2>Wrae in tup

starte. And that is my Steem Journey. How I've met up with people I know through Steemit, both locally and Internationally. How I've collaborated with some amazing people to start initiatives, businesses and crypto projects. Most importantly, How I've made friends with them.

I can write more than a thousand of how my Steem Journey started and all its goodies, but this time, I would e this.

nd I'mtoryd I did.

eminisBad, whatever it is that you've experienced and encounter on the Steem blockchain. How you've come to know about this wonderful blockchain and platform? Your communities, Your contributions, What you like and don't like about this platform and many others that you can come up with.

Wrapping it up

I started this post Friday morning (July 19th), and I'm finishing it just after midnight on the 21st, and between the aforementioned family issues, and the current via GIPHY

img sr noreferrer" target="_blank">heat wave we're experiencing here in New England, I REALLY wasn't in the mood to write this.

And I'm so glad I did.

Reminiscing abr/>

h2>Thaings, and the by!

strongped to put me in a better frame of mind. While I don't envision myselfhrough,
mighto-millionaire any time soon (I'm guessing it will take me at lea/strong>

log gr 😂 ), I am teetering on the edge of Dolphinhood, aon,
ometimited about all the new stuff and upcoming innovations on this blockchain I've grown to love.

Thank youpod.

strongSplendiferous Steemians!

M/strong><br>peakinwidth=My photographs are taken with my trusty Traci York
  • Word_blank">Nikon,
    sometimes utilizing my rer">handy dandy tripod.

    All words and images are mine (unless otherwise indicated),
    and can sometimes also be foundugh York

  • Faceboia sites.

  • Speaking of witch which...

    I have
  • Instag+00:00">one billion
  • many homes on the interwebz.
    Here are a few...


    h3>On ps://www.instagram.com/traciyork_aka_internetg33k/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">traciyork_aka_internetg33k
  • Pinterest ~ Traci York, Writer
  • Twitter ~ @TraciYorkW
        im ~
    Traci York
  • YouTube ~ InternetGeek
  • Ello ~ @traciyork
  • On the Steemit blogging site,
    I am a proud member
    of these awesomesauce communities

    a hrefp;
    Steem Journey


    Links: steemsugars; helpie
    Steem Journey

    Posted from my blog with SteemPress : https://www.traciyork.com/the-gratitude-challenge-my-steem-journey-power-house-creatives-contest-entry/

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    OMG, Chippy the Dog!!! 😃 He was one of the most delightful characters on Ello!!! As were you... so glad you are here with us now! 😊

    21.07.2019 04:46

    I have Chippy's Giphy page bookmarked...LOL! And thank you so much, @thekittygirl - I'm so happy to be here too! 🤗

    23.07.2019 21:05
    Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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    21.07.2019 04:47

    You're the coolest.gif

    22.07.2019 13:15

    It is good to read your post. I already start thinking I was/am the only one not knowing how it works over here and who never made a steem-cent.
    (I only read posts/dpolls included about having it as a job/main income.


    21.07.2019 06:53

    I'm glad you liked my post, @wakeupkitty! I think there are plenty of people here who haven't made a steem-cent... yet. I'm trying to enjoy the journey (blogging) and focus less on the destination (money), and that helps me keep my focus. Some day I'm sure we'll all travel to the moon together!

    23.07.2019 21:08

    By now I see it more as a game. It is the only way. What to do/join to get more SP.
    If it comes to the money I can better invest in an other site that pays me way better but it is easier to sign in here plus more interesting.

    We will make it for sure!

    23.07.2019 21:19

    I completely agree - we will definitely make it! 😊

    24.07.2019 16:47

    Thanks for the shout-out dear... not sure a lot of people will read it but hey... I did 😉😎😂

    21.07.2019 15:14

    You're very welcome, and HEY! WHADDYA mean, not many people will read it? Are you saying (like my husband often does) that my stories are awesome as a sleep aid (as in, I start telling one and he starts snoring...LOL). 😂

    In all seriousness, thanks for reading, and for "dragging" me over here in the first place! 🤗

    23.07.2019 21:10

    Thanks for the shout out, I haven't been in the STEEM mood myself lately, so maybe this is what I need as well. I enjoyed reading about your journey and whatever is going on in your life right now, I hope things all turn out for the best.

    Posted using Partiko Android

    21.07.2019 21:35

    You're very welcome, @blueeyes8960! I'd have never guessed you weren't in the Steem mood, with all the tweets and posts you've been doing - way to keep pushing on, even if you're not feeling it! Thanks so much for the well wishes, and I hope you get inspired to do your own post soon - I'd love to read it! 😊

    23.07.2019 21:35

    The Steem world is an amazing place full of amazing people which I'll be forever grateful to have connected with and been a part of the wonderful things happening on the blockchain!
    Thanks for sharing your Steem story and reminding me about @theycallmedan #grtitudechallenge

    22.07.2019 00:15

    When I actually started connecting with people, @porters, I was amazed just like you! This is such an incredible community, and I can't wait to tell my grandkids, "Yep, Nanny (or whatever my currently non-existent grandbabies call me...LOL) was there just about when it all started... " 😊

    23.07.2019 21:37

    What an awsome post, Traci. I'm sorry to hear things are tough, but as you said, sometimes, as I discovered with my post, reflection is good. It occurs to me that that post of mine could also be part of the gratitude challenge....

    Hope you have a happy week.

    Stay cool....


    22.07.2019 08:02

    And what an awesome reply in return, Fiona! Thanks so much - I'm sure we'll manage, and having an outlet like Steem, and a community with wicked awesomesauce people like yourself, really helps take my mind off things. Hope you have a happy and warm week! 🤗

    23.07.2019 21:39

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    22.07.2019 09:23

    PHC thank you so so much.gif

    22.07.2019 14:09

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    and their founder @jaynie

    22.07.2019 09:34

    thank you mom hug.gif

    23.07.2019 21:40

    Lovely journey to read

    22.07.2019 12:17

    Thank you for stopping by to read it, @brittandjosie! 😊

    23.07.2019 21:47

    Good luck

    22.07.2019 12:57

    Thank you

    23.07.2019 21:48

    What a fun read, and a fabulous journey @traciyork congratulations. Life will return to normal, the heat wave will be over soon, and we will be here to read your stories forever @traciyork 🙏

    Posted using Partiko Android

    22.07.2019 13:00

    Aww, thanks so much, @wonderwop! That was such a nice thing to say, and I appreciate your optimism! I'm so happy to have met wonderful people such as yourself during my journey here. Oh and you were right - the heat wave ended, and now we're getting ready for the next one at the end of the week...LOL!

    23.07.2019 21:50

    Somehow most of us manage to find our way here, with a lot of help from brand new friends. I love it too. Thanks for telling your awesomesauce story.

    22.07.2019 13:43

    I think that's one of the things that makes the Steem community so amazing, @owasco - there seem to be a large number of people who want to help others succeed on this platform. I'm so glad we've bumped into each other here (I seem to recall curating a post of yours ages ago for Steemit Tarot), and much appreciate the awesomesauce compliment! 😊

    23.07.2019 21:53

    Oh that was you? I'd like to do more regarding tarot, but there's only so much time for fun in a day! So nice to know you.

    23.07.2019 23:01

    Yeppers, that was me. And I hear that - so many cool topics/contests/hash tags/initiatives...and having to fit in eating, sleeping, and actually being a person.... where's a time turner when you need it? LOL! And nice to know you as well. 😊

    24.07.2019 16:49

    Great journety. Good to have you here.
    How do you manage so many accounts in so many social networks ? :)
    Hope all your family stuff gets sorted out and your dolphinhood becomes a reality soon.

    22.07.2019 14:04

    Thanks so much, @hlezama! You know how some people collect baseball cards, others collect stamps - I seem to have developed a love for collecting social media...LOL! I don't know that you could say I manage them though, since Steem has 95% of my attention these days. 😊

    And I appreciate your well wishes - as a matter of fact, my dohpinhood became official a short time after this post. 🤗

    23.07.2019 21:56

    Hahaha. I figured that would be the case (regarding social media management).
    Congrats for your dolphinhood, then.

    24.07.2019 00:29

    Yep...LOL! And thank so much, kind sir! 😊

    24.07.2019 16:50

    Very cool that you have sat down to think about how far you have come, good to remember how many of us felt arriving.

    Well deserved mentions to how people help one another here, Power House Creatives really did/does give good direction as to what was/is expected which has made the community a strong contender in long term friendships.

    Being paid may have been what many arrived for, staying for friendship is unquestionable!

    22.07.2019 14:58

    Knowing what you're going through right now @joanstewart makes me doubly appreciative of your kind comment and visit to my post! Thank you so much, and I hope you heal up quickly. Oh, and I completely agree - communities like #PowerHouseCreatives have made this a place where long term friendships are forged and survive even the bearest of bear markets!

    23.07.2019 22:06

    Learned so much of interest through great communities making new friends, thanks for well wishes they are appreciated.

    24.07.2019 12:23

    you're entirely welcome.gif

    26.07.2019 19:19

    This was a fun read. I like to go back and remember the Good Old Days of Steemit lol.

    22.07.2019 15:38

    Thanks, @old-guy-photos! Yep, those good old days when we had to walk to the blockchain through snow and ice in sub zero weather and uphill both ways, right? 😂

    24.07.2019 03:15

    This sounds very good and well written for the contest.
    Good to see that you have built some solid friendships here.

    22.07.2019 17:27

    Thanks so much, @papilloncharity and friendship is one of my favorite aspects of this platform. Much appreciate your visit, and bright blessings to you in return! 😊

    24.07.2019 16:52

    Congratulations! I just stopped by to say that your post has been selected as a daily Featured Post of my personal curation project! You can find the daily Featured Post HERE.
    I upvoted your contribution and I put it on the list because to my mind your post is what I call a quality content!
    I am @miti, a manual curator that shall make available all his Steem Power to authors deserving of support. Let's make STEEM great again!
    Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

    22.07.2019 17:30

    NPH thank you.gif

    24.07.2019 16:52


    24.07.2019 19:53

    Great recollection of your steem journey Traci! Loved reading that and go get that 🐬 💪

    Posted using Partiko Android

    22.07.2019 17:38

    Thanks, so much Nicky - it's done getting got! 😂 🐬 ❤️

    24.07.2019 16:54

    Good getting girl!

    24.07.2019 17:00

    thank you kind sir.gif

    26.07.2019 21:15

    It's good to read these stories, I love it in fact, steemit has definitely changed the lives of many, including me, and the best of all is that it has been for the best!

    22.07.2019 17:42

    I completely agree, @fmbs25! Even with the ebb and flow of the value of Steem, the community makes it all worth while, and has definitely been a life changing experience! And thanks for stopping by! 😊

    24.07.2019 16:57

    Thanks for sharing, Traci. Great story. I’m glad it lifted your spirits and I hope everything works out.

    I was on TSU before and many from that defunct site are on Steemit.

    22.07.2019 19:30

    Thanks in return, Joanne! Funny, with all the social media accounts I collect, I never actually made it over to TSU before it went away - missed it by "that" much...LOL!

    24.07.2019 17:00

    I love it when a post you're not in the mood for turns out to be exactly what you need at that moment :0)

    I had actually completely missed announcement of the gratitude challenge. Since my own PHC contest post led me somewhere I hadn't planned to end up, I've been thinking about a follow up post of some sort. Maybe the gratitude challenge might be a way to go.

    Even if I never earned another Steem-cent, at the end of the day, I'd still be here.

    Glad to know I wouldn't be the only one around when that would happen ;0)

    22.07.2019 20:28

    Yep, me too @simplymike! 😊

    That would be a cool idea to do a follow up gratitude post. And good to know I'd have excellent company here if that day ever happened (but fingers crossed it never comes to that)! 🤗

    24.07.2019 18:08

    Excellent story, Traci. I've never heard of Ello, but I'm glad you came to Steemit. I do hope the currency picks back up soon. It's been a long bear run.

    22.07.2019 22:06

    It's certainly been a bear of a bear run, @blockurator! And thanks so much. 😊

    24.07.2019 18:09

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts on your gratitude for steemit and the people you've met along the way. You are very genuine in what you write. BTW, that gif with the trophy is perfect in view of the circumstance! :)

    23.07.2019 00:48

    Aww, thanks so much @free-reign! I've been told by local friends that I write just like I talk, which I take as a compliment (even when it's not intended as one...LOL!). Much appreciate you dropping by, and thanks for the gif compliment too - they're kinda my obsession thing. 😊

    24.07.2019 18:13

    This is a wonderful read, @traciyork. What an amazing journey you have had! I love your description of how Steem was engendered. Hilarious!

    23.07.2019 03:07

    Glad you got a giggle out of it, @jayna - good to know I'm not the only one laughing at it! 😂

    And thank you so much - it really has been amazing, and I can't wait to see where this platform takes us next! 😊

    24.07.2019 18:19

    Nice initiative! We should be more grateful for what we have!

    23.07.2019 16:25

    Definitely a cool initiative, @spellmaker! I hope you jump aboard as well! 😊

    24.07.2019 18:23

    big huge hugs to you!! I hope that your family issues will resolve in a very positive way and you know - all the best in the world to you!! Much love!!

    24.07.2019 16:01

    Marianne! Huge hug back to you! I know how busy you are with family stuff yourself at the moment, so I doubly appreciate your well wishes! 🤗 😊

    24.07.2019 18:49