The sale of virtual land will be the new BTC


greetings to the community i hope you are safe and with your families together, in this article i will deal with a topic that surprised me a few days ago and that is "the sale of digital land", as hard to believe as BTC was in its origins the sale of virtual land based on the block chain is a niche market that is growing and promises to be a whole industry based on the digital world, i hope you like it.

I am increasingly surprised by the technology of the block chain since a couple of days ago I saw in some portals that they were talking about the possibility of buying virtual land and that this type of trade can make the value of that land a great investment, so I did some research and discovered that a company called "Decentraland" was selling digital land that could then be rented or sold using a coin called MANA and that by trading this type of asset grows investors can make money, when land values rise due to the demand for virtual land and the scarcity of From this asset the owners of these lands can sell them and make a lot of money.

how it works is simple within the chain of blocks there is this virtual world called Decentraland in which the currency called MANA is used to buy a plot in which you can provide some service, you can create on the ground you can meet people or you can speculate with the currency and land, because as in real life the amount of land is limited and when you buy a plot of land the company burns the tokens to increase its value

is a very interesting proposal that will undoubtedly give much to talk about in the future according to some optimists of this project is possible that the purchase and sale of land is an investment as it was the BTC in its early

in conclusion the chain of blocks every day offers us an alternative of investment, although it is necessary to investigate before investing are these projects those that are of my pleasure to invest since they are projects that can grow with the time and to offer a solution of entertainment for a great number of people in the world.

This is not financial advice, it is just my opinion on a topic that I like very much, the block chain and its opportunities. Tell me in the comments if you knew about the digital land sale and if this can be a great investment.

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@tipu curate

17.01.2021 08:35

It sound good but one thing that keeps bothering me is how can the value of this Mana will be maintained in the future and how can the value of this virtue land be retained

17.01.2021 14:31

Hello friend, actually something totally new, I hadn't read about it. I think it's great that we can make new and good investments and that the world of cryptomoney continues to expand. I hope that in a few years we can use our digital earnings anywhere in the world. Greetings!

17.01.2021 16:33