Discord to Microsoft for 10 billion dollars!

Informed sources said that Microsoft is negotiating the acquisition of Discord, a chatting app and video game, for more than $ 10 billion.

The sources said that Discord is in talks with potential buyers, including Microsoft (the American software giant Microsoft Corp.), indicating that the closest possibility is to offer Discord shares for public subscription instead of selling them to a company, according to #Bloomberg News.

Discord, based in San Francisco, is famous for its free services that allow players to communicate via video, voice and text messages.

And the "VentureBeat" website, citing unnamed sources, revealed that the chat platform "Discord" might sell for more than ten billion dollars.

In an article published on Monday, the site stated that the negotiations had reached a final stage with the buyer.

Discord dates back to 2015, and was initially intended for video game enthusiasts who want to chat (verbally and in writing) while playing.

However, the popularity of it increased during the pandemic due to the growing need for audio-visual communication tools, and groups of friends are now using it for other purposes, such as working or watching movies together, for example.

Users pay a subscription fee to use the network, is ad-free and features automatic transcription software that converts speech in audio or video clips into written texts.

The fact that people stayed at home due to the Coronavirus pandemic last year increased the use of the company's technology, whether in group study, dance lessons, reading sessions and other virtual gatherings.

Imaginative profits

Microsoft (the US technology giant) announced strong results during the second quarter of this fiscal year, thanks to Azure and Xbox.

The virus infects "Microsoft" with fantastic profits ... See why
The company said in a statement that its sales increased during the second quarter of the current fiscal year until December 31, by 17% to $ 43.1 billion, while analysts had expected sales of nearly $ 40 billion.

Microsoft’s second-quarter profit jumped 33% annually to $ 15.5 billion.

The company's CEO, Satya Nadella, has shifted Microsoft's focus toward cloud computing services with the value of computing services and online applications.

Microsoft allows its employees to work permanently from home ... on condition
The revenue of the "smart cloud computing" sector increased by 23% annually, to $ 14.6 billion.

The main reason behind the increase in the sector's revenues was the growth of the Azure cloud computing platform activity by 50%.

According to the statement, Microsoft recorded a 40% increase in revenues for the Xbox game console, which saw the launch of a new version of the device during the second quarter of the fiscal year.

Microsoft's revenue from the Windows operating system increased by 10% annually, while the tablet and notebook services sector increased by 3.5% to more than two billion dollars during the second quarter of the current fiscal year.

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