Why I would make a good Steem Country Representative for venezuela Country By Torrealba2719


Hello, happy day have all the users of steemit, this time I come to apply as an official representative of my country, this is another initiative of @steemitblog due to the incredible increase in users, the representatives cannot cope with all those people who join day by day and each time it is an exponential increase.

My story on steemit.

As I always have, I came to steemit thanks to a publication of a programming tutorial, I was struck by the fact that this publication generated economic gains to the user who created it, unfortunately this user was inactive for 3 years, therefore I did not follow it after creating me the account, the other thing is that you forget your username, I would like to thank you sometime but as things are going it will cost me a bit.

I have participated in countless contests on the platform, and especially in #cryptoacademy since I am a fan of these digital currencies, and I find it amazing how much has been achieved with them.

From time to time I organize meetings where I instruct new users in the use of steemit since their main questions are:

  • How to post
  • How the page generates income
  • What is a cryptocurrency
  • What is steem and steem dollar
  • What is TRX

Endless basic questions. I have in my account more than 100 educated people and belonging to my state Aragua municipality Revenga and the tests are here https://steemit.com/trending/hive-114316 in the community where I am a moderator although I am not the main administrator I have the same decision-making power than the creator since this community arises by chance due to the same problem.

The communities that exist are already saturated with people and most do not manage to have rewards I have seen people who last more than 1 week without receiving a vote in favor of a curator and it is not because they do it wrong but that it is very difficult to include so many people.


That is why my power or steem power has been delegated to a joint account that we handle several of the mods since we distribute administrative tasks equally to be able to serve them all. Although the power of this account reached 1400 and a little more, the power has not been enough considering that it is a nascent community. and that most of the people who make it up are new people. the good thing is that they all belong to my state or the vast majority.


Because you think you would be a good representative.

First of all I am always willing to help people, I currently have a telegram and whatsapp group where all these community users communicate directly with me and ask me their questions and if I have the indicated knowledge I do not hesitate to answer them already clarified the doubts these people are grateful since directly or indirectly everyone in that community came to steemit thanks to me.

Since one day I decided to make conferences and teach new people how the social network works and how to create content.


How to encourage more people to join steemit.

As I mentioned, I live in Venezuela, a country blocked by sanctions thanks to our leaders, and their mismanagement. With my lectures, he encouraged many people to get started in this world of cryptocurrencies, as it would represent an improvement in their lives as the slogan of the Better Life page says.

Thank you for reading my humble proposal.

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Sería espectacular tenerte como representante de nuestro país, sin duda, sería una gran ayuda para esta comunidad y nuevos usuarios, además de las casi 200 personas en esta comunidad que necesitan una representacion, tus orientaciones han ayudado a muchos usuarios que hoy son activos en #steemit y en #unionvenezuela incluyéndome a mi. Para mí tú representas muy bien a mí pais #venezuela.

separador 0ggygfg.png

21.04.2021 18:54

Todo salen muy guapos felicidades

21.04.2021 20:00

Espero que seas seleccionado amigo, gracias a ti llegue a steemit

22.04.2021 14:40

Esta comunida me gusta mucho, me ha dado bastante apoyo. Seria grandioso que de esta comunidad sea de las que represente a #Venezuela

22.04.2021 15:14

@torrealba2719 sin duda alguna tienes el perfil más favorable para ser nuestro representante. Te apoyo!!

22.04.2021 15:16

Todo mi apoyo! He visto como muchos usuarios vienen por medio de tu asesoría! Confío en tus capacidades! 😎

22.04.2021 16:27

Tienes buen prospecto @torrealba2719 para ser representante de pais,estoy iniciando y observo la labor que realizas y es necesario ampliar el personal para atender en su gran parte a usuarios recientes ,como es mi caso y asi ayudarse mutuamente,espero logres el objetivo,hoy precisamente me he suscrito en esta comunidad y me encantaría tuviéramos mucho apoyo,,saludos y éxito!!

22.04.2021 16:29

Que bueno leer tu postulación... Te deseo el mayor de los éxitos.

03.05.2021 17:39

Gracias ana

03.05.2021 20:52

Buenas tardes, @torrealba2719 gracias a Dios por nuestros representantes en #steemvenezuela @ anasuleidy, @ tocho2, @ edlili24, @ inspiracion, @ adeljose y @ wilmer1988.
Ellos están haciendo un gran trabajo, pero la comunidad ha tenido un incremento de usuarios, creciendo cada día y esto es muy bueno pero necesitan más ayuda los representantes, como también los nuevos miembros más atención, es allí donde tú puedes aportar todos tus conocimientos, porque sabes que todo inicio se hace fuerte y necesitamos mucha atención, estas preparado para ser un representante.

Felicidades y cuentas con nuestro apoyo, de parte de la familia Mendoza.

Puedes pasar por mi Blog y darme tus consejos y apoyo.

06.05.2021 01:41