My second post at Steem food. Puli pitha recipe by @torikul001 30-03-2021

Assalamu alaikum

I hope you are very good inshallah. I am also very good. I am going to start my second post by welcoming the Steemfood Committee.

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Puli Pitha is one of my favorite cakes. It is very tasty to eat so I made it with my own hands.

★The ingredients used to cook puli pitha are as follows:

★ Oil
★ Salt
★ Flour
★ Date molasses

★ STEP 1

  Coconut broken picture

★I have to peel the coconut nicely.


The work of breaking the coconut is over

★ Now it has to be cut nicely. You have to make a basket.


   Coconut garland

★ It was full of coconut and the rest was thrown away.


 Coconut juice

It is by iron mill.The jury is very nicely made which is suitable for making cakes.


The pan is being heated

It does not stick to the pot


   The basket has been placed in the pan

★ After placing the jhuri in the pan, mix the date molasses and sugar. So that if the date molasses and sugar are mixed together, it will be made nicely.


 Making jury

★ The more you can move the drawing in a very beautiful way, the more beautiful the jhuri will become. So if it is or if the heat of the fire is too high but the jury will not be well made. You have to burn slowly. So that the basket can take on a beautiful shape of its own accord.


 Basket filling baskets

★ This jhuri gula should be kept in a cool place. It's too hot. The cake cannot be made by hand. So now it has to cool down.


  After oiling in the gamala, 

★then water should be mixed with oil and subsequently, the flour and flour will be given in the mix of oil and water mixed with oil and water. Mix beautifully with the flour with oil, the only reason for the soldier will be very nice.

★STEP 10

The part of the flour 

★A kind of flour before there was a kind of form, because the salt was mixed together in the water, when the dola was given, he has been cut down. The flour contained another.

★STEP 11

 Makes bread from flour

★Here's how the bread is made. It is shown and see how beautifully small pieces are made with glass after making bread.

★STEP 12

  The small pieces of bread 

★are cut into small pieces with a glass and kept in a short time. We will be able to make them on the back.

★STEP 13

  Finish making on the back.

★ The small piece of coconut that you see in the basket should be put in the reverse part of the flour and the mouth should be stuck with it, then it will be made on the back. You can see how beautiful the cakes look. You can all make it.


 The pan is placed on the back of the top

★First you have to heat the oil. Then leave one by one in the oil. Of course you have to take care that the oil does not fall into your hands. If oil falls, but blisters will fall on the hands. First you have to fry one piece then you have to fry another back. If you hurry, but the back will not be beautiful.

The last thing we want to see now is what the original effect of the last thing we want to see or what we have been waiting for so long is this cake known as Puli Pie in our village we call it Kulipitha it is delicious to eat but inside There is something that makes this cake so delicious in the winter morning but it is very nice to eat this cake. Thank you all. You will be fine. Inshallah we will see you again later.

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Kusli pitha..or puli pitha... I love to eat pitha that made with Molasses and coconut..


30.03.2021 04:56

Hello :

Thank you so much for sharing your delicious recipe in detail on SteemFoods Community. I added this post to the "Best SteemFoods Posts of the Day" on 29.03.2021. We will try to vote this post with -steemcurator01, -steemcurator02 -steemcurator06 or booming accounts. Continue creating content in the SteemFoods Community. :)

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30.03.2021 13:52

This is none other than Gujhiya made by us in India. Very delicious vegan recipe.

31.03.2021 09:54

I love coconut, what a delicious recipe, it's the first time I see it, I'm going to prepare it.

01.04.2021 21:52