the fungus among us

this is the forest that most of us see and appreciate, breathtaking in autumnal splendor. the phrase should be, "cant see the trees for the forest"

I've was creating a huge forests of PA post, but I lost my focus, and I'm feeling as if I should just get anything posted - as long as it has a few words and lots of weird photos.

underside of some leathery fungi growing on the side of a tree. might be called horseshoe something, don't quote me

Its been years since I've lived on the east coast. Returning to the area for a visit after years of living in CA and CO opened my eyes to the things that I missed.

i love how the moss growing on this tree bark looks like a mountain ravine, as if it were part of the topography on a map

I never really appreciated the woods when I was younger, because I didn't look at it from a macro level, so I missed all the really peculiar things that we take for granted at the 20/20 level.

a couple of wee fuzzy brown shrooms and moss hang out on the remains of a tree

One neat thing about PA is the rainfall and moisture, which makes for a lot of great moss, algae, lichen and various fungi throughout the woods.

what i used to call a fairy home tree. my friends and i loved to build tiny fairy rooms between the creviced roots

In Colorado, trees mostly just dry out, There is a bit of fungus, but not at the level you see in a humid deciduous forest. The moisture can also be a bad thing.

algae that has inundated this small pond, but it did not stop the frogs from hopping across the surface and plonking in the water as they sang

I remember mushrooms growing in the corner of my room as a kid because the roof leaked. It kinda put me off getting too friendly with fungi.

vines embedded in the tree bark live off the tree as much as moss and fungi

macro of moss covered fungi clinging to the side of a tree. some trees were covered head to toe in fungi

Some of the fine detail macro photos were really difficult to capture with a depth of field focus, and I know its because there's some macro trick i am missing or maybe my lens just sucks. whatever. Sorry they are so blurry.

a deluge of red moss gave this tree a fairytale ending

macro of the same tree. my camera could not do it justice

Fungus is definitely weird, and besides a few 'experts', we really know so little about it in general.

this almost looked like peppered seafood. i googled all of my pics and got the weirdest guesses; this is fried egg.

Many types of mushrooms are known to be medicinal, from remedies passed down through traditional practitioners. Much of that knowledge has fallen out of use thanks to the strictures of conventional medicine and pharmaceutical companies, who want to sell us what is freely available. Alas we have lost most of that knowledge.

This might be what the chinese call tree ear. I had never seen a fungi so large. It measure about 1x1.5 feet in diameter, and was growing in a crack in the bark

a bright orange blob of fungi appeared out of place in this dark spot

at first i thought that this was a tree that had seen fire, but research tells me that its from a fungus that invades compromised trees leaving a black rotted inner layer

lichens are a weird combo of fungi and algae that grow together- yet separately. They tend to appear as silvery green or grey patches or "leaves" that grow on tree trunks and rocks.

leafy green lichen grows tother with a mustard colored moss

its almost as it its a flower in bloom.

this combination of mosses and microscopic fungi fascinated me, because the color is similar to photos of weed..

notice the tiny mushroom heads crowing in between the moss and lichen.

I had wanted to be able to identify some of the species here, but trying to pick out one type from hundreds of similar tiny photos with scant description is dicey at best.

fungo possibly called turkey tail, quite common throughout the few forests i visited

macro of that same tree

I hope you have enjoyed all of the weird wonderful freaky alien things that I found growing in the woods.


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I very much enjoyed your day! I do adore a macro photographic woods adventure. I have one of those extension tubes which I thought might do an okay job but I'm not sure if I've got the settings right as they aren't always brilliant. Then, I do need to spend more time on it too.

24.10.2019 01:34

ya a lot of it is tricks of the trade. also quality. i got a freebie macro, which means its probably the cheapest quality. also, i may need to get my camera serviced after 3 years of dirt and lost lens caps..

happy you enjoyed the weirdness.

24.10.2019 02:02

Awesome pictures!

24.10.2019 02:07

well they aint pro but at least theyre interesting. ty!

24.10.2019 02:33

Lots of really interesting fungi there. There so many different kinds, and I know very little about most of them.

24.10.2019 02:08

ikr?? theyre like an alien species that we might see every day but know very little about, like people from other cultures that live in a city. it's like they live in an alternate universe.

i might make a point of learning a bit more and writing a post about it

24.10.2019 02:33

That's all I've got.

24.10.2019 03:22

its better than nothing, i'll take it!!

24.10.2019 03:23

I was surprised at the mushrooms in your childhood bedroom, but you seem to have survived it well enough.

24.10.2019 03:24

yeah, it was not the worst part of my childhood for sure. and as a kid you kinda take your cue from your parents so i never thought they were much beyond an annoyance. i'd like to blame them for how strange and ornery i am, but i recall thinking radical thoughts at age four, so where the heck did that come from? certainly wasnt my parents.

24.10.2019 03:28

Colourful trees and water colour also nice.

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24.10.2019 04:21

thanks! they were prettier in person but they always are...

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beautiful photos, colors and landscape, apart from mushrooms, tree owners

24.10.2019 21:21

Excellent pictures!
really crisp, I love the approaches,
the colors and textures expressed.
Fungi, mosses, lichens, barks, leaves and lagoons; It is living nature,
a green environment that attracts the viewer
and catches him with his magic ...
I congratulate you for this high quality post!
good luck, friend @torico

24.10.2019 21:42

thank you my friend :)

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noms da cake

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