Steem Torch Olympics

This post is about the Steem Torch Experiment; an irreverent rambling and incomplete look at what steem torch is and how I came to possess it. (fools!!!) Per the original post by geekgirl, Steem Torch is an experiment to demonstrate the speed and trust in transferring value on Steem social network. Participants can add .1 steem, 1 steem, or really any amount to the kitty before they pass it on to the next bearer. The end of the experiment, which is nowhere near completion, dictates that the steem collected be burned or donated to charity.

Personally, I favor burning...

my interpretation of the steem torch

queues visuals, inspirational music, slow motion athletes with sweat dripping down their bulging thighs...

yes yes that's the idealistic vision... burning flames and glory. speed, and trust.
truth is that most transfers take a day or two, four days, if people are busy.
Ten days if people arent paying attention...

many holders pass it on to people they know.
I think it would be more interesting to pass it to people you didn't know - test the trust. I would have done that but -
I aint gonna do that. (you can tho) I already decided on the next recipient, the lovely @sunravelme!


welcome sun! ...welcome to the steem torch olympics, episode.. ?

well i havent really a clue. has anyone kept a list of all the people who've touched this thing?
i mean, really it prolly needs disinfectant or some type of heavy duty sterile gloves.

yep that's me in an alternate universe, homer simpson, running away with the torch..
that's serena freaking out besides me because she thought i'd just pass it on...
but i am hodling.. its thesteemitway
below is what's really happening

steem olympics here
I've fudged the run, and cant even manage a decent sized gif.
i'm assume geekgirl has had to nudge an account a time or two.
but matt smith still looks cool. so that's a plus...


I'll trace it back a bit.

I found it interesting tracing the memo and money back thru the accounts, because i could see who added what to the pool, and how long it took them to transfer. @geekgirl says there is no complete list of all participants, however there's an automated steem torch account that posts every time the torch is passed. that could have saved me a bit of time. oh well.
if i ever get bored maybe i'll connect the dots..

list of first 40 transfers

steemtorch posting account

This is the post for transfer #206, paintingangels post, where she makes the monumental blunder
of giving it to me because I happened to be awake at 5am. not her best decision.

do you trust your dog with the cookie jar??

Before that is #205 Carrie who with all good intent gave it to Serena.
I think she was smoking hoochie at the time, who knows what runs thru these peeps minds.

and prior to that..

isaria, vachemorte, juliakponsford, crimsonclad, justineh, markangeltrueman, vonaurolacu, lishu, steemromania, alexdory, lemouth, kevinwong, theycallmedan, surpassinggoogle, ambmicheal, marvel, camzy, prechyrukky,
rebeccafl, daniel-otaniel, bookoons, seyiodus, gentleshaid, samminator, abigail-dantes, scieneblocks, dexterdev - and about 178 more..

hmm. its a good plan to ask the next guy if they have had a go with steem torch yet.

or look in their wallet. or on the steemtorch page of transfers.


So dudes this runs to 1337 transfers and after seven months we are only at 207???

C'mon we can do better. We can do more!

We have the ability to go at this stronger, higher, faster, and harder.
Right now we are at 81 steem.

Thats baarely $100. ffs aggy burns thru more than that in a day toasting bread..

This probably means not postins much,

just paspassie torch on asap to a weaa wealthy generous target that hasnt been hit up yet..
FYI: people who have already been tagged twice: theycallmedan, lemouth and abh12345.

guys, bernie is still open! :P (just ask first)

Or we can grow that future Steem Torch burn amount or donation organically.

I was trying to think of ways to pop this experiment - make it more of a challenge!
Link my post payout to the torch amount! but that would slow things down, waiting for payout...
unless we really trusted the next holders and forwarded our post payout to whoever was ctly holding the torch. n efn effort would be needed to track that person down and communicate your wishes.

So ima step up the game and commito that.

My post t payout will be forwarded to a future steem torch holder to add to the total value of the steem torch dollar amount

You can pick up the same challenge, find a virgin whale or really whateveru want.

The ruleules are fairly flexible.


Yes, there are some rules and shit, about how the torch must be passed on, so you should rhis Sun.##r.

The memo is the most important imho, to keep the trail traceable. most people have followed the standard protocol.

(notable exception: someone who used the memo to advertise his latest post to a whale..)
seriously dude? like, its the blockchain, remember? anyone can see that memo.

The memo is: Steem Torch Experiment! Count: 207. Please read the Steem Torch Rules at before passing it to the next user.

Since I will do transfer 207, @sunravelme will be sending transfer 208, which she will hopefully note in her memo.


why are you still here? shows over. no they arent my gifs or photos, so bite me.

Transfered to sunravelme- 820.000 STEEM a minute ago

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Go, torch, GO! ๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ Well done, Tori โ€” way to both commit and improve. Good luck following that, dear miss @sunravelme! ๐Ÿ‘€

30.09.2019 17:53

sun is used to me being a fire starter...

30.09.2019 18:05

Burn them all:)

30.09.2019 18:28

whats ironic is a friend over in SA is dealing with a huge brush fire this morning. I should probably think about rain for a bit..

30.09.2019 18:30


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30.09.2019 18:49

If only this torch fire could spread as quick and rapidly as the fires over here....

But hey - you guys are having a great run, keep up the great work!
Well done Tor

30.09.2019 19:13


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01.10.2019 08:16

OK, but it kinda feels like a chain letter. I'm sure I'm wrong.

04.10.2019 15:55

its like a chain letter for charity.

04.10.2019 18:02


04.10.2019 20:56

It's a chain letter with money attached.

07.10.2019 04:31