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I’ve taken a few singleton shots and now am front of the telly watching John Wick for the first time since it was released in 2014.

I am acquainted with what is about to occur to the puppy and I am not nervous.

Russians at the ends of the world gas station.
Admire Mrr. Wicks Ford Mustang and provoke him.
Not a good gesture.
They patted the pup.
Not a good gesture.

Not the pup. Not the fu©king pup.
Hopefully all these silly baboons did hideous deaths.

He awakens at 6:19 as opposed to 6:00.
Indicates how much that zonked him up.

John is aware PRESICELY took his grey vintage mustang. The G's are damned up now.

Alfie Allen is William Defoe’s son and they both are gonna come face to face with the volcano wrath of Baba Yaga a.k.a The Boogeyman.

I have comprehended the family lineage wrong. I’m foregoing to conclusions so fast.

But one thing for sure. This motion picture procrastinates not with pedagogics and it’s perfect pacing.

The all state mayhem guy is among the co stars too. It’s about to go 0-100 real quick.

Oh em gee. Jonathan has a dungeon stash of guns, unique golden coins, silencers and...... fireworks? I don’t know what the brown rolls are. Maybe big ass rounds of ammo enumerations.

Pin stripe apparel costume with a polka dot nexus? Is this villian super stylish or so wealthy he doesn’t give two effs?

Now The Boogeyman is making dinner reservations?
You got pass over last supper to do pal what’s up?

He pays his body cleanup management crew by a friend of him known as Henry in gold coins. That’s staking.

John Wick goes to more midnight clubs than you & I do.

This film orients backgrounds and adjustments sooooo good.
A point loads of action films bare no fruits at.

Also stationary objects and relentless motions are few character styles very familiarised in movies. Heroes are usually the former and bad guys the latter. Though not in this scenery.

This film is savage and doesn’t hold back any punches.

To add on, the gunplay is brisk, elegant and flows like a stream. It makes the action clips so much better than any other movie you know.

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Final thoughts:
This motion picture is an evidence that you can keep it easy and still make an outstanding movie.
The clues and implementation were both really on point but the movie stuck to the basic policies of storytelling as a branding tool and it payed off heavily.

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Critic ; AAA

Till tomorrow

Trilston 💲

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