All Time Best Paid To Click Site

Paid to click sales were set to account for over 10% of all retail sales in 2019.

15% in 2020.

If this trend continues, its only a matter of time before PTC dominates the entire advertising experience globally...meaning to win big you only needa catch a sliver of the marketshare.

But, faucet claiming has been a HOT topic over the past few years.

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With the google trend still heading up...its only a question of when its all gonna come crashing down...

When everyone and their mother is trying to get on the faucet can very well assume its not going to last long.



You see there's a big difference between Paid To Click and other fads.

Making a successful PTC reputation takes commitment. Day in and day out.

You must be willing to put in the work.

Get ads up.

Fulfill orders.

Deal with dormant traffic.

Handle level up issues.

It's not 'easy'...rather its simple (and I know for a fact its better than just any 9-5).

That's why PTC is awesome. And no, I have nothing against a 9-5, in fact I wake up at I mean, I work longer hours than most 9-5ers...

But, the main difference I see here is I love to get up and make my PTC moves.

That fills my day up with happiness and excitement.

No boss. No schedule.

There's truly no other way to live life if you ask me...and I think this is why the faucet claiming buzzword got so much hype.

Its not just a business model.

Its a lifestyle.

If you want to join the no boss, no schedule, flexible, anywhere, anytime WiFi money gang, then you're in the right spot. Making money with PTC wasn't always easy for me...specifically YouTube Ads. In fact, I struggled hard.

(Meaning, I've lost over $500 now with YouTube ads, but made that back quite a few times over)

If it wasn't for a few key mentors back in the day... I don't even know where I'd be. The biggest impact was this magnificent Bitcoin paying website that walked me through step-by-step to get my first huge traffic.

And many, many more.

459 to this day, to be exact.

This bitcoin paying PTC set my direction with gaining traffic like no other...

(And yes, I bought it during a sale too)

But wait...we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet.

The good stuff comes inside of this PTC named is currently free to join.

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Yes, that means once you have signed up...the ptc will be bring ads you are supposed to view and get paid in bitcoin.

You can kiss faucet claims goodbye.

RIP faicet claims...the coinpot site that has created many 5 and 6-figure fauceters.

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So, if you're ready to start your online PTC business journey with, escape the rat race, and slide inside before the doors slam shut, head here:

Till tomorrow

Trilston 💲

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So about how many clicks required for 0.5 BTC?

20.01.2020 17:49

10k with 100+ active referrals on a daily basis

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Getting real annoyed with vote purchases.

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