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Breo iSee 4N

Wireless Eye Massager


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Hunter's comment

This portable and foldable eye massager comes with a lot of amazing features up its sleeves. It uses air compressions and gentle vibrations to deliver a refreshing effect and also plays refreshing sounds and music to reduce stress in the muscles around the eye sockets.
This device is advisable to use after watching TV for a long time, before sleeping, after reading, after a computer work in the office, and while travelling.


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Comments 34

I always like this type of innovative device. This device really helpful and useful for all .hope this eye massager is well modified with more facilities. People choice this easily. Thanks for share .

06.07.2019 16:19

Do you know what?
Your eyes is the window of your heart. You can't afford to leave it uncared for.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

06.07.2019 16:29

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I totally appriciate your effirt. You find best and perfect product for our eye care. Sometime watching tv or movies continusely or using cell phone day night. You feel your eyes neend massage. This device gives your eyes relaxation. I think new generation need this device because they use cell phone continuosly and also use before sleeping. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

06.07.2019 16:56

i have been having problem with eyes after using smartphones my eyes are like etching and irritating me continuously and requires sleep only ( only sleep cures ) but now we have alternate for that and we can get better with it .

This portable and foldable eye massager comes with a lot of amazing features up its sleeves. It uses air compressions and gentle vibrations to deliver a refreshing effect and also plays refreshing sounds and music to reduce stress in the muscles around the eye sockets.

Gentle vibration would gives massaging effect and i believe it would really be effective 🙌

i think after long use of smartphones we all should try this out for soothing and relaxation :) ... Do you all agree ? ...

Impressive hunt friend keep on hunting 😊upvoted😊

06.07.2019 19:11

Weldon device for eyes.these are the most important organ of our body.infact they work alot for us and have no rest till we went to sleep.some times this wake up timing is too long which means we can face eyes problems.this device is good to give rest to eyes and can lessen the pain and stress which comes in eyes.nice device to use for eyes.

06.07.2019 19:30

Impressive hunt. A perfect product for an important purpose to relax our eyes with massage. Thanks for sharing with us.

06.07.2019 22:21

Sometimes after a long hectic day, all we want is a gentle eye massage from someone. Breo iSee 4N can be that some one, to provide comfort in the hour of need.
Awesome hunt.
How much does it costs???

06.07.2019 22:45



  • Some people do not want to listen music
  • Eye pressure is nice for some, not for others
  • The relief remains very subjective


  • This model offers three different massage modes, buyers have reported a relaxing experience coupled with improved blood circulation and improved "red and puffy" eyes
  • This unit is foldable at 180º and comes with a travel case. It is therefore easy to transport and store.
  • The lithium battery provides extended life.
  • The quality looks like an Apple product
  • Pressure and heat can effectively relieve headaches and eyestrain.
07.07.2019 00:36

Awesome! My mother had a very similar product but this one is noted is somewhat more advanced. Ideal for relaxation, I love this.

07.07.2019 00:44

Awesome One!
it is also advisable for people who work for long time in the front of Monitor and I think IT guys must need this device as most of them suffer from lack of concentration and bad Sleep.

Thank You and Have a GooD DaY!

07.07.2019 01:10

We spend more time in front of screen. Be it mobile, laptop or TV but it affects our eye and we need to care for our eyes. This is great device which is helping to keep our eyes healthy. Its a must have for everyone. Great Hunt.

07.07.2019 03:21

Such an amazing product to keep our eyes healthy. We all must be careful for our eyes as we spend more time using mobile and laptop etc. Now though this we can keep our eye healthy. This is very nice hunt.

07.07.2019 03:31

Lol, i thought i had seen it all till i came across this hunt. Even the eyes get massaged too, i am really wondering how this would feel though...and hope it is on the cost-effective side not just claiming what it is not

07.07.2019 03:31

I can't sleep alot due to my result I feel head ache and iritatin in my eyes I tried many things to get rid of it but All went this eye massager looking awesome to me to have best sleep.I think by using this I can sleep for a long time.

07.07.2019 03:59

A number of great inventions are introducing which are fully capable to make our life easier and peace ful. Breo iSee 4N is one of great technology to release the stress and refresh your eye muscles.

07.07.2019 04:19

Modern people use their eyes all day long. Their eyes are always tired because they watch smartphones, computer monitors, and TV all day long. My eyes are tired because I also work on a computer monitor at work. I think this eye massage will give my tired eyes a rest. Thank you for hunting good products.

07.07.2019 04:37

Eye massager useful tools. Helping eyes to soothness and perfect relaxing mind. For taking relax full sleep it's cool device though.

07.07.2019 06:38

This is good for people who have problems with their eyes.
My eyes usually hurt after spending some time close to my laptop screen.
With a massager like this, I'm sure this would be reduced.

07.07.2019 07:11


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07.07.2019 07:15

Nice hunt, but i hope all of us can spend less time looking at a screen. Relaxing eyes is probably calming and soothing, for which this looks to be an excellent device.

07.07.2019 08:01

Incredible piece of invention i like it's beautiful and modern appearance and i hope it also creates high comfort while wearing the massager. I think It is not only ideal for relaxing, but also help relieving eye stress. In general, it’s worth money purchasing this Eye massager for many remarkable reasons. Awesome Search

07.07.2019 08:04

Hi greetings

this is sure a great gadget i think. Due to excessive usage of laptop and mobile sometimes we really need eyes massage and we should relax our eyes for a while. very cook hunt thanks for sharing this have a nice day :smiles:

07.07.2019 08:16

WONDERFUL! I was always looking for such cool gadgets which can relief your stress. This is a must needed tool for the ladies who takes more stress due to a lot of responsibilities. I also want one to feel relax.

Cool Hunting!

07.07.2019 09:02

After a busy workout, your eye muscles may become very tired and you may have difficulty sleeping. You may also not be able to sleep when you are stressed or sick, so this product helps you relax by reducing the stress and pain in the muscles. You can use it not only when you have difficulty sleeping, but also when traveling.

Price : $299.00

07.07.2019 09:26

Nice and tbh strain in eye can be seen quite often in among various people and they can really be very much devastating as well. While liked the product and seems like could really be helpful indeed. Nice hunt !!

07.07.2019 10:50

It is a very good solution to keep your eyes sparkly and helps you to relax and reduce stress from the muscles of eyes. nice hunt

07.07.2019 11:38

Soo beautiful stylish design of this prouct eye massager. It's really works wonderful also for tired eyes. Peoples are using most of time laptop they much needed this for eye massaging. Nice Hunt!

07.07.2019 12:49

i need this. I almost 18 hours in front of laptop per day :face_palm:

07.07.2019 14:10

omg, I can understand you pain my friend @calprut....

Please buy one for me as well :grinning:

07.07.2019 14:13

We use to tired our eyes in many reasons and could damage without proper rest. Having this massager to stay our eyes healthy and for the better results.

07.07.2019 14:12

Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, I think I really need this device as I spent my half of day in front of Laptop and working so hard... but still I am not using any Glasses just because of Yoga and Meditation.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

07.07.2019 14:12

This one really helps for our fatigue and stress eyes. Well, just last week, i always sleep late because i read anime manga and it will cause our eyes more stress, this can help massage our eyes but how about the price for this one?

07.07.2019 14:15


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07.07.2019 15:21

It's our basic need as because of the busy schedule and working in front of computer is very painful for eyes in those situations this massager is too helpful.

07.07.2019 16:52