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Why this Chinese woman is so SCARED of the truth

Last week I was in Melbourne covering Australian Day when I noticed this small group of Chinese people holding an Australian flag.

I got excited, I thought, here we go let's hear some truths about what's happening in Mainland China and Hong Kong from people who escaped it, especially at a time that so much of the world is caught up in the Chinese Coronavirus epidemic.

But watch what happened.

I don't know what's scarier, the fact that we've imported Communist sympathisers or the fact she acts like she's pro-Australia holding that flag. There's nothing Australian about her views. The CCP are not good on any level. They are the furthest thing from democracy.

Most chilling: Her smile as she ignores all the evil the CCP do; the concentration camps, the millions murdered in cold blood, organ harvesting, zero respect for human rights, 99% conviction rate in its "justice" system, and not to mention what they're doing to places like Hong Kong.

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