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The Religious Convictions Behind Industrialised Child Rape

Islam allows for the molestation and enslavement of children. TR.News Looks At The Religious Convictions Behind Industrialised Child Rape.

The Issue That Cannot Be Named

TR.News published a factually based argument on the dangers of Muslims who imitate/emulate the prophet Muhammad. Muhammad is supposed to be the "perfect man". Two issues are relevant here, the first being that Islam allows for the "marriage", rape and molestation of minors. Muhammad "consummated" his "marriage" to Aisha when she was only nine years old, she was "betrothed" to Muhammad when she was only six years of age. Allah blessed the "marriage" because he showed Aisha to Muhammad in a dream, therefore advocating for the union of a fifty-four-year-old to a child.

Muhammad was a child molester, aided and abetted by a paedophile enabler god.

The second issue that is relevant here is that Muhammad allowed for the capture and enslavement of women and children as "sex-slaves". Allah sent down his immutable and godly decrees to Muhammad, one of which refers to "what the right hand possesses". In other words, when Muslims are in a "state of war" they can capture females, young and old, and have them serve as sex-slaves. You will find this information in the Quran itself, the surah in question is aptly called "The Spoils Of War" (Al-Anfãl).

Islam divides the world into two distinct groups, the dar-al-Harb and the dar-al Islam, the house of war, and the house of Islam. If Muslims live in non-Islamic countries, then by definition, they reside in the dar-al Harb, a land or lands that are at war with Islam.

We don't define these terms; Islamic theologians define them from sacred Islamic texts.

You can read more about that by clicking on an article we published back in October last year titled "Meet Muhammad The Raping Criminal Warlord".

Tommy Robinson and TR.News have consistently pointed out the need to separate the Islamic religion from individual Muslims. While there can be excellent moral qualities in Muslim individuals, the same cant be said of Islamic texts nor the behaviours and deeds of a raping criminal warlord - the man who founded the Islamic faith.

This is where the problem lies.

Tommy has consistently reminded our politicians and the general public about the dangers of Islam, and specifically its symbiotic relationship with the industrialised gang rape, molestation and pimping of vulnerable non-Muslim children.

The PC Police have always persecuted Tommy, an establishment class have a pejorative arsenal at their disposal and a media machine that will set out to destroy you, socially, financially and politically, hell they may even take away your liberty. They will defame, besmirch and slander anyone or anything that does not conform to the high standards of their moral, acceptable speech codes. Defying the accepted speech codes of political elites will bring plenty of trouble to your door, nobody knows that more than Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Proven Right Again

In the aftermath of the disgrace in Rotherham and the exposure of predominantly Muslim child-rape gangs abusing thousands of vulnerable young girls, the PC classes had to confront their cognitive dissonance. The systemic failure to protect young girls for fear of being labelled racist highlights just how dangerous political correctness is, it literally destroyed the lives of thousands of children all across the UK.

For someone on the political right (someone like Tommy Robinson for example) to say that Islam encourages and justifies the sexual enslavement of females means that they are racist, xenophobic, islamophobic and hateful.

If someone on the political left understands the religious connection between Muslim child-rape gangs and the Islamic faith, they are lorded and celebrated (although quietly), never attacked with the pejorative arsenal at the disposal of the political elite. Those on the left cant be racist you see?

The left double down on their double standards, and if they had no double standards, they would have no standards at all.

Ella Hill is an incredibly brave woman; she is a survivor of Rotherham "groomers" who raped, beaten and tortured her hundreds of times calling her a "white slag" and a "white cunt" as they abused her. They made it clear they were abusing her because she was a non-Muslim, not a virgin, and that she didn't dress "modestly".
Ella Hill - Twitter Feed
Ella Hill - Twitter Feed

Ella has raised her head over the parapet of political correctness and said of the Muslim "groomers":
"...they firmly believe that the crimes they carry out are justified by their religious beliefs"

And that the main perpetrator of her abuse:
"....quoted scriptures from the Quran to me as he beat me."

She also reminded everyone that in 2017 the Swedish Government said:
"Sexual violence is being used as a tactic of terrorism", and as such, it was recognised as a threat to Sweden's national security. The link between terrorism and rape undertaken by Islamist gangs was not being ignored".

Ella has opened up a new front on the link between Islam and the perpetrators who "groom" children for sexual slavery. Ella has put distance between herself and Tommy Robinson, an unfortunate necessity in this day and age, even after the disgusting revelations of Rotherham. Had she not done that the politically correct establishment would surely shun her, even as a survivor of a Muslim child rape gang.

Tommy's "truth-telling" is far too toxic for them to digest, he's too "forthright" in his opinions and convictions.

Ella said:
"Tommy Robinson and his followers to focus on an entire religion, based on the cruel interpretations of some scriptures by some people, is unhelpful, to say the least. Many of his religious theories and conjecture are not anything that I can relate to in my real-life experiences."

Tommy and Ella may disagree on some of the religious interpretations, but we are sure they can both agree those scriptures are there, they are in the Quran, the hadith and the sunnah. They can also be found in Ibn Ishaq's biography of Muhammad.

ISIS followed those scriptures and used the strategy of rape warfare against Yazidi women in Syria and Iraq. Libya, now a hotbed of fundamentalist Islam (or Islamic literalism) openly sells slaves at markets throughout the country.

While we may have only a minor difference of opinion about Islamic theology, we can agree there is a correlation between "grooming" Type 1 abusers and Islam. Sexual enslavement is allowed in Islam, which "some" (not all) Muslims use to justify their evil and destroy vulnerable young lives.

We wish Ella well in her endeavours to get the Government to draft new legislation. Legislation that makes the CPS recognise the "racist and religious aspects" of predominantly Muslim child-rape gangs.

Such a thing is long overdue.

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