The Controversy Of LGBT Education

Katie Hopkins has produced a video documenting the controversy of LGBT education at Anderton Primary School in Birmingham.

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, the head of Anderton Primary School in Birmingham, said that she has been campaigning for years for the ability to teach lessons on relationships and sex education.
The Controversy Of LGBT Education

Locals in the area comprise a majority 82% of Non-White according to a postal code demographic check, there is certainly a high percentage of Asian Muslims who live there.
B12 Postcode Demographics
B12 Postcode Demographics

Locals within the local community have been protesting for weeks as they do not want their children taught about LGBT issues or relationships. In fact, protestors have chanted "Let kids be kids," and "Our kids, our choice."

Protestors have waved placards of "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."
Protestors With Adam And Eve - Not Adam And Steve Placards
Protestors With Adam And Eve - Not Adam And Steve Placards

Headteacher Outraged

Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson, the head of Anderton Primary school, was elated when a court ruled in favour of an injunction preventing protesters from entering an area too close to the school.

She was outraged when local MP, Roger Godsiff of the Labour Party appeared to side with the protestors. As a result, Sarah called for the Labour Party to remove Roger's whip status.

Sarah said:
"We have to tackle prejudice. We have to seek to eliminate discrimination, and actually, his comments seem to have fuelled discrimination and fuelled prejudice".

Between the 22nd and 31st of July, a trial will be held to consider the injunction which has left protestors angry and frustrated.

TR.News has been looking into the complexities of the argument for and against "relationship education" in primary schools. It is a hot topic of debate on both sides, which fuels resent and division. The left had this coming, do they side with tolerance for the religious views of a predominantly Muslim community? Or do they fully support forcibly teaching primary school kids about LGBT relationships against parents wishes?

The debate rages on.

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Stop the Western thinking population from reproducing

Bring in non-Western people to produce..

instant third world country that is easier to control with a dumbed down population (and it will erase the LGBQ community it helped to create)

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