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Social Media Crushing Support For Tommy Robinson

In the aftermath of a stunning speech at the Danish Parliament, Tommy is proven right again. Social Media Crushing Support For Tommy Robinson.

Silencing Support

Tommy used the opportunity the Free-Press Society had given him to highlight all the injustices, the lies, the fabrications, the schemes and the disinformation propaganda used by mainstream media. Tommy also used the opportunity to prove the censorious nature of social media giants.

People of the Danish Free-Press Society, including its president Lars Hedegaard had "Pro Tommy" posts deleted from social media and their accounts subsequently banned. Again Tommy is exonerated by proving how big tech "delete" individuals refusing to conform to their accepted speech codes.

Danish People's Party MP Marie Krarup jumped onto Twitter to excoriate big tech censorship.
Marie Krarup MP For The Danish People's Party
Marie Krarup MP For The Danish People's Party

Marie's tweet, when translated states:
I have been told by several people this morning that their fb will be closed after sharing pictures from Tommy Robinson's visit yesterday. It is a sad and gross suppression of freedom of speech. Fb is abusing his power. # Dkpol

After accounts were banned "some" accounts were re-activated by Facebook, but only after Danish politicians took to social media complaining about big tech censorship.

Yes, indeed, Facebook is suppressing freedom of speech; the social media giant is also persecuting people who only want to share a picture of Tommy Robinson.

Tommy has been proven right over and over again. Maybe now people are starting to wake up to the gross suppression of free speech and the demonisation and deplatforming of truth-tellers.

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