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Lord Pearson Urges Government To "Root Out" Evil

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Lord Pearson Urges Government To "Root Out" Evil.

Lord Keen of Elie Is Deluded

Yesterday Lord Keen of Elie (Lords Spokesman for the Ministry of Justice) stood up to recite the Government's statement about Sudesh Amman's terrorist attack on Streatham High Road. Lord Keen said that Sudesh Amman:
"...was imprisoned for three years and four months for 16 counts of distributing extremist material and for the possession of material likely to be useful for the purposes of preparing a terrorist act. The sentence he received was a standard determinate sentence. That means that one week ago he was automatically released half way through the term. The Parole Board had no involvement in the matter. The law required automatic unconditional release at the halfway point."
Why does the law require the early release of a terrorist? What has the Government done to stop the early release of terrorists? Can the Government do anything to stop the early release of terrorists? Shouldn't terrorists be imprisoned, interned or deported (if possible) for life if they are a danger to society?
Lord Keen Of Elie QC
Lord Keen Of Elie QC
Whilst we thank our Police and security services for tackling and shooting dead an Islamic jihadist terrorist, is confidence in our Government and its legislative powers at an all-time low? We can be confident the Police and security services will act, they did act, but not before the jihadist stabbed two people, luckily both victims are now recovering. The third victim was injured by broken glass as shots were fired to end the jihadist threat. Had the jihadist remained in prison, interned or deported then the three victims would not have been hurt. TR.News is not saying that deportation was an option in this case; however, it can and should be an option for terrorists with foreign or dual nationalities. Removing jihadists from our shores will protect British nationals; this should become a priority for our Government as and when deportation is an option. Lord Keen finished off by saying:
"We face a threat from an ideology that takes no heed of others, and we must use every tool we can to make sure that that threat is neutralised. The British public have a proud history of coming together in times of adversity against those who seek to divide us. Together, we can make sure that the terrorists who seek to threaten our way of life will never win. This Government will do everything in our power to defeat them and to ensure that the public are protected. I commend this statement to the House."​
You can read the full discussion about the terrorist attack in the House of Lords by clicking HERE.

Lord Pearson And A Matter Of Fact

Lord Pearson Of Rannoch stood up in the House of Lords yesterday and made a very fair, factual and balanced statement followed up with a reasonable question after quoting Lord Keen:
"....we face a threat from an ideology that takes no heed for others, and we must use every tool we can to make sure that threat is neutralised. So, my Lords, can I ask whether the Government will go to the root of the problem and encourage our Muslim leaders to reform their religion so that their jihadists cannot use it as the inspiration for this sort of attack, and indeed for many thousands of other similar attacks across the globe."
Lord Pearson Tweeted today and provided his take on the issues he raised in the House of Lords.

My Question in the House of Lords yesterday asking the government whether they will go to the root of the problem and encourage our Muslim leaders to reform their religion to stop it being used to carry out attacks like in Streatham on Sunday. Their answer shows they will not

— Lord Pearson of Rannoch (@LordPearson) February 4, 2020
Lord Pearson of Rannoch got his answer, albeit an unsatisfactory answer that reflects an elitist status quo "half-hearted" approach to the seriousness of the underlying problem - Islam. Lord Pearson has always asked for a national debate on what Islam is and is not. He has asked for top Muslim leaders to convene a summit and come up with a version of Islam that is acceptable, one that will clearly define the ideology and "root out" the alleged "perversions" (as Lord Keen stipulates) of the faith. The Conservative Government can only legislate and make sound policy decisions based on facts; they won't make sound policy or legislation based on wishful thinking, political correctness or the elevation of hope over incontrovertible facts. For a Government to say that it's not up to them to define or decide what is Islamic or not, it does seem a little strange, convoluted and hypocritical even, especially when the Government's position appears to be that murderous jihadists are not following Islam but "perverting" it? The Government have tied themselves into a contorted and convoluted hypocritical mess about Islam. A national debate about Islam and its symbiotic relationship with terrorism is long overdue; the likes of Lord Pearson advocates for such a debate. The likes of Lord Keen obfuscate and confuse matters because he is a politically correct elitist, happy with the status quo, and happy that only three people were seriously hurt because of a freed jihadist roaming the streets of London. It is time for this Government to wake up to an ideology that encourages violent terrorist acts and rip it out from its root. Please do give Lord Pearson a share and follow his new Twitter account by clicking HERE.

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