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Deadline Deceives Then Flatlines With Fake-News

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation's second channel (DR2) features a "news programme" called Deadline. Deadline Deceives Then Flatlines With Fake-News.

Tommy Exposes Danish Fake-News

On the back of receiving the Sappho award from the Danish Free-Press Society at the Danish Parliament, Tommy was invited by TV producers from Deadline for an interview. Tommy's speech at the Danish Parliament centred on fake-news media and silicon valley big-tech censorship. Tommy, using the platform and the opportunity the Free-Press Society had provided to him, exposed to the world the deceitful and insidious agenda of global mainstream media outlets.

A Chubby Mess Of A Set-Up

Tommy was presented with another chance to reveal yet more lies and deceit. This time Danish media were exposed courtesy of Deadline presenter Steen Nørskov who utilised a sharia-compliant journalistic editorial process called kitman - lying by omission. Steen played video footage of Tommy knocking on Mike Stuchbery's door to put Aia (of the Danish Free-Press Society) on the spot, the optics were difficult for her to give a full explanation as she didn't know the facts behind the incident. Steen Nørskov's colleagues knew the reasons for Tommy knocking on Mike Stuchbery's door, yet neither Steen or his colleagues challenged Tommy about it in the studio when they had ample chance to do so? Deadline Deceives Then Flatlines With Fake-News. You can watch the full interview courtesy of our friends at Rair Foundation below.

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