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Corbyn Miserable As Sin While Boris Smirks

The Queen gave her speech today outlining her new majority Conservative Governments agenda. Corbyn Miserable As Sin While Boris Smirks.

Magnificent Misery

A picture paints a million words, and there is no better picture than court jester Corbyn standing next to Boris. It was an absolute delight watching Corbyn's face grimace and contort like a baby with wind as he walked with Boris from the House of Commons to the House of Lords to hear the Queen's speech.

Aside from the jubilation of watching a broken Marxist, the Queen's speech was pretty substantiative, so we will break down a few of those points now.


The Conservative Government are forging ahead with an Australian style points system so that those who want to come to Britain enter on merit. That means immigrants would need specific qualifications, or be in certain trades and perhaps, more importantly, be able to support themselves when they arrive here. That would reduce a significant drain on the welfare state and curb a flood of unskilled migrants heading to the UK. Boris has said:
"We must be much more open to high-skilled immigration such as scientists, but we must also assure the public we have control over the number of unskilled immigrants coming into the country. We must be tougher on those who abuse our hospitality. Other countries, such as Australia have great systems, and we should learn from them."
Boris has had to face a fair bit of criticism about his immigration proposals. One of those who have criticised Boris is Lord Green, chair of MigrationWatch UK. He said:
"The UK already has a points-based system, but it has failed to reduce, or even control, immigration. The Australian system operates entirely differently — its main purpose is to increase, not to reduce, immigration."

We will keep an eye on how Boris's immigration plan works out, for now, we will keep an open mind, there is definitely a need to "control" levels of immigration and we must get tougher on those who have come here illegally. Boris does have a chequered past on this point, back in 2013 he did support amnesty for illegal immigrants.


The withdrawal agreement will ratify the deal Boris made with the EU back in Autumn. He is expected to put the bill to MP's tomorrow and get it passed no later than the end of January. The bill will have an implementation period that keeps us aligned with the EU until the end of 2020. Boris is looking to legislate against any further Brexit delays/extensions which increases the chances of a "no-deal" break from the EU, although we are not getting our hopes up on that.

Crime And Terrorism

Boris wants to push through a bill that will see harsher sentences handed out to anyone who commits violent and/or sexual offences and terrorism. After the most recent terror attack on London bridge, Boris wants to stop the automatic release of prisoners who have served half of their sentences. Boris is proposing that a new release point must be 2/3rds of a sentence. This clearly isn't good enough for people convicted of terror offences. Boris is also looking at updating treason laws; this may go some way to mitigating the 2/3rds of a sentence debacle. People can still be prosecuted for treason; if someone is convicted, that means life imprisonment as it currently stands. The treason act dates back to the year 1351, MP's on both sides of the political aisle have called for it to be updated to make treason laws fit for the 21st Century. Interestingly enough MP's want to include 'acts of betrayal' against the UK which could be used against treasonous Muslims who decide to fight for terror organisations like ISIS. All in all, a good Queens speech and in all honesty, it was worth watching just to see an utterly destroyed, deflated, discombobulated and disenfranchised Jeremy Corbyn if nothing else. Merry Christmas everyone!

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