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Burqa Wearing Fighter Pilots Are Ok Surely?

Judge Rinder, a woke arbitrator who oversees civil cases, was left fuming on election night. Burqa Wearing Fighter Pilots Are Ok Surely?

Thinly Veiled Wokeism

The arguments about whether or not Muslim women should wear face veils continue to trigger woke leftists into fits of abhorrent outrage. Boris's father Stanley Johnson proved himself to be as bigoted as his son. Channel 4's virtue signalling guests provided live commentary as the results came in, and as if by magic, the topic of burqas came up. During the live show, Stanley attempted to defend the position that in certain circumstances Muslim women should take off their full-face veils. Stanley approached it using this hypothetical situation. If a woman fighter jet pilot were to navigate the aircraft, then it would be necessary for her to remove the medieval Islamic garb. Left-wing comedian (if there is such a thing) Nish Kumar, an anti-Brexit bigot, instantly shouted Stanley down "what are you talking about man?" he said.

It seemed pretty clear to anyone with an ounce of common sense exactly what Stanley was getting at. Medieval Islamic garb is not suitable or even viable in certain occupations, especially as a fighter jet pilot. The audience was agasp with righteous condemnation, how dare he!

Dishonourable Judgement

Judge Rinder, spurred on by the moans and the groans of the woke audience, also flew into an apoplectic fit of righteous condemnation. It's about being qualified to fly a fighter jet, being able to see and navigate the plane is an irrelevance of course! Judge Rinder, Nish Kumar and the woke audience may have a problem with Germany who banned Muslim women wearing the face veil while driving a car. According to traffic laws in Germany, motorists are required to have 'unhindered all-round visibility'. Perhaps there is no requirement for 'unhindered all-round visibility' as a fighter jet pilot? A Muslim woman took exception to this unreasonable requirement of German law. She lost her case, the court ruled the law did not violate her religious freedom. Another Muslim woman was fined in France for driving erratically while wearing the niqab, French Police noticed how carelessly she was driving at the time. Speaking of the incident, commanding officer Charles Bourillon said:
'[The headscarf] was bothering the driver in her manoeuvres ... It was obvious she could not see a thing,'
The European Court of Human Rights also upheld a ban imposed by France on the wearing of face-covering veils in public, rejecting arguments that the measure violates religious freedoms. Now sit back and think for just one moment, is it unreasonable and bigoted to hold the view that in certain circumstances and situations, it is inappropriate to wear a full-face veil? According to the woke left - well we know the answer to that actually.

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