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A Stormzy Of Hypocrisy, And Race-Baiting Identity Politics

An embittered and emotive Labour Party fell on its socialist sword. A Stormzy Of Hypocrisy, And Race-Baiting Identity Politics.

Gutted And Grimey

Grime star Stormzy has continually hit out at Conservative MP's while embracing and promoting the socialist policies of Jeremy Corbyn. Stormzy hit out against the Conservative Government and blamed them for the tragedy of the Grenfell fire.
Stormzy - Blame The Evil Conservatives
Stormzy - Blame The Evil Conservatives
Labour Peer Baroness Doreen Lawrence spoke to Channel 4 and blamed "racism" for the tragic deaths of seventy-two people residing in the block of flats. You can read more about that HERE. The fact is that the cladding used on Grenfell tower ended up being an accelerant, the London Fire Brigade issued a warning to residents to stay indoors; unfortunately, this contributed to the number of deaths. However, this was in part due to senior officers having no training on the dangers of combustible cladding. The arguments made by Stormzy and Doreen Lawrence had little to do with "race" or Teresa May's "Conservative Government" at the time as the Grenfell Towers report found the external wall refurbishment work carried out failed to comply with building regulations. The arguments made by Doreen Lawrence and by Stormzy were misguided at best or wantonly - conciously pushed a "racist" narrative of "evil Conservatives". Earlier this year Stormzy used his appearance at the Brit Awards to perform an emotionally charged political tirade, he said:
"Yo Theresa May, where's the money for Grenfell? What, you thought we just forgot about Grenfell? You criminals, and you've got the cheek to call us savages, you should do some jail time, you should pay some damages, you should burn your house down and see if you can manage this."
The Grenfell tragedy is precisely that, a tragedy. Stormzy invoked words ascribing racial hostility - "you've got the cheek to call us savages?" Since when did Teresa May say any black people or victims of the Grenfell fire were savages? She did not, that was a big fat lie. The ironic double standards of people "on the left" are astounding; they are quick to condemn language they see as inappropriate but find it perfectly acceptable to ascribe racism to situations, politics and people they do not like. As the saying goes, if the left didn't indulge themselves with double standards, they would have no standards at all.

Hip-Hop Off Identity Politics

Jacob Reese-Mogg suffered the wrath of a Stormzy twitter rage when he spoke of the causes of the tragedy and then had the audacity to provide an opinion. That exiting the burning building contrary to the advice given by London Fire Brigade at the time would have saved more lives. Sure, you could say that the timing of his comments were ill-conceived but to stretch those comments to the "stupidity" of Grenfell residents who followed the "stay -put" advice is again looking to ascribe an insensitive racial/class motive. Residents in Grenfell Tower did actually ignore "stay-put" advice and SURVIVED the blazing inferno, is acknowledging this fact another slight on the class/race issue? It cannot be surely? Finding a class or racial motive where none exists is typical of the identity politics that fuels far-left political discourse.

Ohhhh Jeremy Corbyn.....

Despite admitting he's never voted Stormzy urged his million-plus online followers to go and vote in the general election, and to avoid supporting Boris Johnson. He said:
'It's very clear as day, personally for me it's very clear-cut. Jeremy Corbyn is a man of hope, a man of justice, a man of equality, and the other guy's a f***ing p***k so don't be stupid. 'Go use your vote. Serious.'

Stormzy, like many of the politically aligned far-left, don't like certain speech, they want to control language and discourse which in turn favours the narratives they want to promote, it shifts the debate onto a battlefield of ideas that favours them. Ceding ground to the identitarian left is a huge mistake. Stormzy has complained about Boris Johnson's use of language in articles he has penned in the past, but rather than looking at the context and the content he apparently sees a new Adolf Hitler in the making. Stormzy has hit out at Boris's burqa/letterboxes article without actually contextualising or realising the satire behind the words. Ironically the article makes the case for Muslim women to wear bin bags over their bodies and faces if thats what they want to do. This tired talking point keeps flushing the identitarian victim narrative into the sewer of leftist groupthink, perhaps in the hope that nobody dare descend into the darkness and wade through such stech and human excrement. This sort of lazy, arrogant, self-aggrandising, virtue-signalling identity politics is the cornerstone of far-left political activism and discourse. Vast swathes of the UK rejected Corbyn's Marxism which led to the crushing defeat of the Labour Party. People don't like identity politics; they don't like Socialism; they don't like what Corbyn represents. Stormzy may have placed his trust in Corbyn; however, the majority of the UK did not. A Labour leader who supports the IRA, who is a "friend" to proscribed Islamic terror organisations Hamas and Hezbollah, a leader who galvanised and gave voice to the anti-Semitic far-left is no friend of Great Britain. Still, he is a friend of Stormzy's. Let that sink in for a moment. The stench of grimey hypocrisy is overwhelming.

Capitalising On Capitalism

Freelance journalist Chante Joseph penned a "progressive" article in the Metro titled: On a day of election despair, Stormzy's album is a manifesto for black Brits. You can read it all by clicking HERE. Chante, much like Stormzy, is a race-baiting, regressive-progressive far-left identitarian who said this country is wedded to misery and that our working class "hatred for non-white people" trumps our desire for a good quality of life.
Chantay - Race-Baiting Far-Left Bigot
Chantay - Race-Baiting Far-Left Bigot
What a pathetic excuse for "journalism", she should be honest and just say what she is, a race-baiting far-left identitarian. A far-left identitarian, happy to spew hatred and racism towards those who may share similarities in skin pigmentation but not in a political philosophy that guides their utterances.
Chantay Anti Black Conservative
Chantay Anti Black Conservative
The hate coming from the far-left is only going to get worse, these revolutionary race-baiting rascals have created a political climate of victimhood, and now there is a market, no, in fact, an economy, based on perceived racial prejudice. One that Stormzy will no doubt tap into for his capitalist gains. Stormzy released his new album on the day of the general election result. He may be a friend to Corbyn's Socialist ideals and a Marxist economy, but for now, he and his marketing team are happy tapping into a free capitalist market driven by race-baiting, Tory hating protesters enabled and encouraged by far-left "journos" who want to start a new culture war, where race and internalised victimhood is front and centre. Context, content, facts, and situational knowledge means nothing to this army of angry, raging neo Marxists, but then again it never has. The far-left has pushed so far left that further political polarisation is all but guaranteed. Recipients of grimey gratuities who are fed by perpetually aggrieved victims using race and colour to push their agenda are the real racists, its a shame so few are prepared to call them out as such.

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