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A Preview - The Heartbreaking Story Of Yisroel Shalom - Persecution And Prophesying Death

Tommy Robinson's latest documentary - Shalom. A Preview - The Heartbreaking Story Of Yisroel Shalom - Persecution And Prophesying Death.

Living As A Jew In London

Tommy Robinson has produced another groundbreaking documentary; it is a story that will shock the world. The globalist corporatist mainstream media have not dared to report on an ever-growing and dangerous reality, the reality of life as a visible Jew in London.

Yisroel Shalom was a Jewish man who moved down from Scotland to the London borough of Newham. Yisroel lost his driving licence, so he ended up having to walk a lot, catch a bus or a taxi. Tommy tells the story of a Jewish mans lived experiences, his torments and his persecution, ultimately leading up to his death.

Tommy will show you evidence of police reports that detail literally hundreds of anti-Semitic attacks, all brushed under the carpet, ignored or not taken seriously. Tommy also investigates the Labour Party, links to institutional anti-Semitism and the education system.

Persecution And Prophesying Death

Before Yisroel passed away, he messaged Tommy telling him that he was coming to the end of his time. Yisroel, a Jewish man, living in the London borough of Newham, was persecuted to death.

When Yisroel passed his niece got in touch with Tommy, she had Yisroel's house keys; it was then that Tommy started his investigation. While looking through the house, Tommy came across a bulletproof vest. During a stunned moment of contemplation and reflection, he thought to himself - what has life come to? How terrifying must life have been to wear something like this?

This is the story of a visible Jew living and dying in London.

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