Setting of Goals and Targets

It is pertinent that we do not live our lives by chance rather we should ensure that we put ourselves in-charge of our lives. We should always strive to be the creator of circumstances and not be creatures of circumstances. This can be achieved when we plan out our lives by setting realistic goals and targets. This way also, we will certainly end up successful.


Setting of goals and having targets in life will help give one’s life direction and purpose. When you do not set goals in your life, you tend to not have anything that gives you inward drive. You tend to not have anything to live up to. Goals setting also help in making one have a successful life, carrier or business.

In setting targets, we should always ensure to set ones that are realistic and achievable. It is one thing to set goals in life but another to ensure that the goals are being attained. Many set goals but do not live up to them. You discover that in the start of the year, many will make resolutions and goals for the year but only few actually live up to them.

It is one thing to set goals in life but it is another to live up to them hence, when we set goals in whatever aspect of our lives, we should endeavour to put in place strategies that will aid us in actualizing and meeting those targets.

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