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Now there are already three posts out and the #artist has not yet reached the point of his idea.

So what does he want ???

He wants to make tokens.
What tokens, how tokens ...?

scot token on the steem engine.

He wants to take the STEEM as a platform, he does not want to sell his gold cards for Bitcoin or Etherum (yet?).
He wants to accumulate STEEM as capital and make the STEEM Blockchain the basis of his "business activities".

So he has working hours, which he has already done in the form of products, products that are not finished goods, but products that were created on the way towards the goods.

He is looking for investors, "money" givers"
and he wants these investors to have security of control over their investment.

That's why he wants to make tokens.

A token will cost at least a hundred STEEM, and then this token will be distributed in portions back to the investors.

The #issuer receives a share in the token, which satisfies his claims regarding his hours worked and the remainder is given to the investors pro rata in the holdings.

There is still some research needed, and concrete help in the comments more than desirable.
Finally, it is only the beginning with the one hundred STEEM fee for the creation of full-featured comprehensive functional token.

Because there is still to be thought about whether token parts should not possibly be financed by certain airdropmechanisms community-oriented.

The gold card with the working hours contained in it is therefore the security to deposit the value of the token and thus a real proof-of-work.

The fact that the issuer initially keeps the gold cards with them and keeps them safe results in a proof-of-stake.

And the investor or the investors who finance a token for a gold card with their investment guarantee a proof-of-consense for the rules of the respective token investment strategies yet to be created.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to transfer the digital realities of a blockchain into the real physical world to give investors a reason to invest.

! ! ! ! #WAITFORMORE ! ! ! !

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