NEW! - Discover Communities with the TokenBB Forum Explorer

TokenBB is the home of many awesome, Steem-based forums but so far, it was not so easy to find a specific one if you didn't know where to look.

To make community and content discovery easier for everyone, we have developed a forum explorer that lets you see a list of all public TokenBB forums!

In the upper right corner of every TokenBB forum you can find a compass symbol.

When you click on it, it brings you to the list of forums.

You can see The forum name and description, along with the number of topics and views. It's possible to sort by any of these three parameters!

If you're the owner of a TokenBB forum and want to have it publically visible, you have to log into your account in the forum.

Click Forum Settings in the dropdown menu.

Now you can adjust the name of the forum, its description, and if it is discoverable or not. By default, new forums are not discoverable until that box is checked.

So if you want to attract new users to your community, it's smart to change those settings now!

Any questions? Suggestions? Feel free to reach out in the comments!

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Comments 10

Maybe someone can show off what this "changes" in a real test case. =)

19.09.2019 01:02

Changes is terms of? The idea is to provide discoverability for forums, much like the Yellow Pages for business, right now users don't know what other forums exist, this should improve overall engagement across all public forums as users discover them by virtue of the explorer.

19.09.2019 03:35

Ha! =)

I understood differently. I was thinking in terms of search engines.

19.09.2019 07:13

What are your plans when community protocol comes out pretty soon?

19.09.2019 01:17

What are your plans when
Community protocol
Comes out pretty soon?

                 - jarvie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

19.09.2019 01:17

We will see how it all fits together, however remains a blog, whereas TokenBB is Bullet Board format and still has a usecase. I'd be interested how communites will affect the Steemit clone sites or if each will adopt communities as well.

19.09.2019 03:34

Awesome thank you @tokenbb for the forum explorer it will definitely help alot😁

19.09.2019 18:39

Glad it will be of benefit to you :) hope people start discovering the other great forums now.

20.09.2019 21:27

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19.09.2019 20:24