Help increase TokenBB's app ranking

To increase the Steem user base for all Steem DApps, potential new users need to be aware of the tools that exist.

The best way to attract their attention is through DApp indexers that list DApps on the Steem blockchain and other blockchains.

At the moment, BuildTeams's own user interface for the Steem blockchain, TokenBB, is already doing well and ranks on spot 13 on

Screenshot taken 04/July/2019 on

TokenBB is also ranked #32 Globally on the rankings, this means that TokenBB forum frontends have enough activity to outrank most other crypto apps save for the 31 above it in ranking; not bad for just having launched a few months ago.

TokenBB is currently unique in its way of providing a Steem-based forum platform.

While often compared to ChainBB (Which has been discontinued by its developers for over a year now), TokenBB is a completely different product, with a fresh code base with a lot more available tools and benefits.

A TokenBB forum owner can personalize their forum, adjust beneficiaries, and generally adjust it to the needs of their community, moderate topics, pin posts, use a custom domain and theme, tokenize their forum with a Steem Engine Token and much more.

These properties make TokenBB an ideal app to be marketed towards the broad public, attracting more and more people to Steem.

How you can help!

If you want to support the growth and visibility of the TokenBB Steem app, just be active in one of the already available TokenBB forums and help us rank higher on and others.

Steemmonsters/Splinterlands has a very active forum, where you can share your fights with others and discuss the best game strategy. Join a discussion, participate in a Giveaway, socialize with other players and even earn dual token rewards in Steem and the forum's native token SPT!

The Neosteem forum offers a place to discuss current Steem events like the next Hardfork and is also a landing place for newbies who need help.

Bitsports - is a brand new Sports bulletin board for sports discussion, get involved in your favourite sports, engage in banter about Gossip, player transfers or even take a trip down memory lane.

Soon, we will add a forum explorer which will let you find forums that might be interesting to you - and if you're a forum owner, it will enable others to find your forum and maybe join your community.

So, spread the word, be active, help TokenBB grow to its full potential and profit from it!

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Comments 8

I'm just waiting on my forum I paid for, I'll vote accordingly after it's received. Don't know how long it takes for it to get set up, but I've awaited a bit now. was what I paid to be created, application and all set properly according to instructions.

I'd like to showcase it in video as a Dapp as I've done with other Dapps already.

23.07.2019 03:28

Hi, I am so sorry for the bad service. We recently setup the new ordering form and for some reason we didn't get a notification of your order, I have fixed that now and will arrange for your forum to be created in the next day. Sorry again for that and please link me the showcase when it is ready.

23.07.2019 05:13

Your forum is now created, please visit and check for a settings menu now. If you don’t see it, refresh your browser and log out and back in. Let me know if you have any issues.

23.07.2019 08:50

Awesome possum!

23.07.2019 20:03

Seems to be working fine and dandy so far, thanks for the update! ^_^

23.07.2019 20:14

Glad to hear, have fun! If you want more features check out our shop for upgrade options, should be a link in the menu.

23.07.2019 21:49

Yeah I saw the upgrade options, I can't afford them at the moment.

23.07.2019 22:02

24.07.2019 16:05