Behringer K-2 Shipping (Korg MS-20)

Behringer is now shipping the first units of the Korg MS-20 remake called the Behringer K2. They stated only a few thousand models are finished but they are just getting warmed up in the production stage.

This is one unit I'm very interested in picking up sometime,do you feel amped on the Behringer k-2 release?

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I like that Behringer is putting out all the affordable re-makes the Model D is the bomb!!
I do own the real Korg MS-20, so I am looking forward to what Behringer K2 has to offer.

23.08.2019 06:24

I love the D and Neutron so far, amazing products. I feel they are doing amazing work

23.08.2019 17:58

Behringer keeps kicking out the clones! I'm a bit surprised that they cloned the MS-20 though, simply because Korg DID remake this synth already just a few years back with the MS-20 Mini.

So far it seems like Behringer has been focused on clones of classics that HAVEN'T been remade, so this one seems a bit out of step with their other clones. I'm sure it will still be a solid synth though.

I'd love to see them make a Korg Mono/Poly clone or a Moog Prodigy clone!

23.08.2019 18:06

I agree 100% my friend !

26.08.2019 01:31