Behringer Pro-1 Coming Next?

Behringer has released a lot of synthesizers over the last 2 months and recently teased the Crave already in production. After the Behringer Crave is released do you feel Behringer Pro-1 might be the next synthesizer in production and out the door?

I'm loving what Behringer is doing overall but the Pro-1 is the project that just pull son my heart strings.I'm amped to see this one released and many others feel the same way.

I feel there is a chance you could see the Behringer Pro-1 in production after the Crave because of how things have evolved but that's a pure hunch and NOTHING has been said by Behringer.

What do you think,could the Behringer Pro-1 be next?

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ugh..... oh man. I hope the pro-one is next! :)


If the pro-one is next I'll definitely be buying that thing!!!

31.08.2019 01:40