Roland MC-101 & MC-707,Return of the Groovebox

The Groovebox has a special place in my electronic music heart.

I started buying my first synthesizers in the 90's which was the prime of Roland's Groovebox era. The first setup that really stuck with my workflow was a MC-303 and Virus A, I knew nothing about electronic music but knew this was the setup I wanted to lean.

Overtime I evolved into a MC-505 to have a larger drum selection and other advancements in the Groovebox performance.I learned almost everything I know on those machines. Early Roland Groovebox was my grade school for sequencing,midi and electronic music production.

This video jumps into my history with the Roland Groovebox and my opinion on them bringing it back to their line. What do you feel about Roalnds new 101 & 707?

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