Obelus (Original Music)

This is a early version of a new track I started today called Obelus. Obelus could evolve into a finished track for my latest album,A Distant Love for Life. I'll share a evolved version of this track if it makes the cut.

I took a break from creating original music to enjoy the good weather while it's around the area.Winter is long and cold in my area so you need to enjoy the sun while it's around.

I'm stepping back into creating tracks and I'll be sharing many of my audio treats with you here on You Tube.Some tracks will make it. Some in "rough draft",demo or live jam format. Others will be finished products.

You can find my latest music on Bandcamp for 100% free (pay what you want),link below. Thank you for any support,it mean the world to my content and music.

Bandcamp Link : https://toddsmithmusic.bandcamp.com/

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