How I made 10,000$ off Music & Content

This is a post I made for You Tube showcasing the power of Steemit

I was lucky enough to make over 10,000$ in the last 2 years off my music a creative work. Today I want to talk about a project on the blockchain space that gave me the majority of those payouts,Steemit.

i understand not everyone has the need to push their projects to the next but this video is for people who want funding for their art/music or content but are having a hard time with the big sites.

I hope this helps a few people.

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Make sure to check out "tunes" a Steem Engine token and tribe.

28.08.2019 19:46

Lots of amazing projects =)

28.08.2019 19:48

You bet! exciting times!

28.08.2019 19:50