[HIRING] write a JavaScript script that continually writes data to a text file on disk

I need a JavaScript script written that can continuously write data to disk in the format of a text file. The text file should be kept open (in your code) so as to facilitate a constant stream of new data being added to it. If possible it should also allow for another process (most likely a Python script) to simultaneously read lines from it as necessary.

All I need you to create is a working function in the script, which I can call and send the data I wish to write. Each execution of the function should write the data its sent to a new line in the text file. I will add a little bit of my own code to the script you produce in order to call your function as needed. The function should be able to handle any message sent to it, however the data I intend to send will typically be a list of numbers, probably one integer followed by 25 floats.

The text file can just be created in the same folder as the script. Each time the script is run it should create a new text file with a name based on the exact date and time (down to the second, please) and continue to write to that file until the script is closed.

We can discuss an appropriate deadline for the project but I am most concerned simply that we stay in constant communication about its progress.

All code will need to be clean, organized and very well-commented. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like clarification about anything! If you see a better way to do something than what I'm suggesting, please bring it up!

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