[HIRING] create some unique Minecraft mods for a 24/7 live stream server

I would like to set up and run my own Minecraft server to livestream, allowing any players to join and play who wish to. I have some unique mods in mind that I would like to have created for my game.

I would like the server to essentially be a 24/7 radio station and the Minecraft game itself to be a sort of visualizer for it. I already have this concept working in the more limited format of a block breaker game made in Unity (still a work in progress, but check it out below).

Th game accepts OSC messages that relay EQ daata (thik of the EQ bars on the interface of a stereo, bass on the one side and treble on thee other) for it to use and display. I willhandle the source of this data; all I need your mods to do is receive it and utilize it in interesting ways in the game.

In the block breaker game, you can see the blocks jump out with the beat of the music and can be used to hit the ball. Likewise, there would be an unlimited number of things we could do in Minecraft with the EQ data that would be both fun to interact with and visualize the music. I'm not sure exactly what all can be done with mods in Minecraft, but I'm told it's pretty extensive. The first thing to try might be something that's largely just visual, like maybe making different things in the world pulse with the beat, e.g. water could flow out then retract, pigs could jump up and down, or blocks could change type. But I would be all about getting your suggestions for what might be cool. Later on, we could definitely add some things that get aggressive and make it a challenge for the players to deal with.

Although it would not be 100% essential, I also want to see about the possibility of a custom soundtrack for the players. My livestream will have the audio that matches the EQ data, but for the full effect it would be really great for the players in the actual game to be able to hear this music as well.

The EQ data comes as a list of 26 numbers, the 1st being an indicator of source (also referred to as "track", -16 through 16, including 0) and the following 25 being floats representing the EQ data, varying between 0 and 1 (or maybe a little higher sometimes). The different tracks will be from different instruments in the source music, e.g. the drum track, synth track, backing track, etc. and could each do something different in the mods.

We can discuss an appropriate deadline for the project but I am most concerned simply that we stay in constant communication about its progress.

All code will need to be clean, organized and very well-commented. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like clarification about anything! If you see a better way to do something than what I'm suggesting, please bring it up!

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