Atom Collector Records Wednesday Selection


The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use

The Ruins of Atlantis by QT

Azul by @frankduna

Composed and performed by Frank Duna
Jazz & Blues
music with latin feeling
Acoustic guitar and Electric guitar.

A Night Walk by Fleursonseaux

Dusty Rag [Tuba Skinny guitar cover] by @bakingjazzpower

Hello everyone !

I offer a small cover of Dusty Rag (1908, May Aufderheide) that I've made in recent times! Guitar, banjolele, washboard
To tell the truth, I discovered this song thanks to this excellent video

and I clearly loved this version of Tuba Skinny! Tuba Skinny always Tuba Skinny .... :)

Hope you enjoy !

And for more info on the composer of this superb rag, it's here:

The Loneliest Place by Davy Vance

A track from 1st album 'Flying Solo'


Just sitting here imagining
Thinking on things we've said
Sitting here feeling everything
Yet hitting no nails on the head

It's hard to tell what you are thinking
'Cos I can't see your face
I can feel my heart sinking
Being almost home is the loneliest place

I may as well read your teacup
I may as well write another song
All of our conversations
Make it up as we go along

I'm a little drunk and belligerently kind
My spirit's on the wrack
I'm not sure what I will find
'Cos I getting nothing back

These days we speak a different language
And I'd rather run a mile
Than be the source of your anger
And the coldness of your smile.

Bullett Mustang (Live 96) by The Venus Overload by Dislocated Flowers

Blossom by Dislocated Flowers

Mrs Maridunum’s Country Walk by Gerontius

Maybe Monday by Nickillus

Another midi mish-mash. This time I've plundered various electric piano sounds to carry the thing along. Pretty rough edges.

Thanks for listening, if you do.

OPC - That Sound by Swivelable

Two acoustic guitars, some synth doodling and a bit of percussion.

One of my favorite lyric writings.


That sound; solemn and desperate.
The determination of man; relentlessly stubborn.
Call it the waves crashing or the pitiless sand.

You get what you want and it's nothing at all.
Still you find yourself waiting all over again.
If there's nothing worth waking for there's nothing at all.

Took too long today, took too long these past ten years.
Not that we're in any hurry, just should have been there already.
Fucked up makes fucked up if you are or if you're not.

You get to the point where the influx of things that go right
have got to pile up good before there's a turn of the tide.
Wanting the hope real of immunity other than death.

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