More Evidence This Is A Man-Made Coronavirus, Israel Bombs Gaza & The Lie Of The Century Implodes

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Lie Of The Century


Coronavirus #Biowarfare #LieOfTheCentury

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01.02.2020 02:38

I am very glad to have your consistent and impassioned reports to improve my understanding of our world. I rarely have commented on them, but do so now in order to prevent misunderstanding from resulting from this one inadvertantly.

At about 16:35 you mention that China is using an anti HIV drug against the Coronavirus, and you infer that this means they understand it has similarities to HIV that indicate it is a manmade virus. This is not factually correct because of the nature of viricides, and the difference between them and other biocides.

Virii are dramatically different from living things, and do not actually meet the definition of life. They don't eat, excrete, grow or respire. They're simply chunks of genetic material with a few tools that allow them to hijack living cells to reproduce themselves. Drugs which counter HIV therefore counter this ability all virii have to hijack cells. This is why an anti-HIV drug may be useful against every other virus. So, the use of an anti-HIV drug in no way infers knowledge of similarities between HIV and coronavirus due to their manmade nature. It's just that all virii do the same thing, and antiviral drugs can only act to prevent virii hijacking our DNA to replicate themselves.


01.02.2020 03:29

Very good point: the common anti-AIDs drugs are also used against Herpes cold sores for example.

01.02.2020 12:09

02.02.2020 15:51

Dear @tlavagabond

We're living in such a strange times. 2020 started with some real crazy twists. We hardly managed to avoid conflict between US and Iran and now China is struggling with corona virus outbreak.

Just a moment ago I've read that Starbucks is closing down 2000 it's branches all over China. Did you know that?

I believe that after chinese new year - people will be to afraid to go back to work. So export will most likely collapse. Businesses relying on products build in china (importers) will start having really difficult time - simply because of lack of the product.

I'm seriously worried. stay safe.
Yours, Piotr

02.02.2020 19:49

I didn't get the chance to watch the entire video but what I've seen is great information. I hope it sparks more research undertakings by those watching.
I'm not sure if you've covered this somewhere but I found this the other day in regards to the coronavirus.

03.02.2020 14:35