THE DIARY GAME OF 31/03/2021

My dairy of the 31/3/2021

On this special day, I woke up from my bed at 5a,m, went online and first carry out a contest game which I had since wanted to do but being tired up with a lot of work I could not do it until yesterday morning.

From that point, at about 6:20a.m and being very conscious with my time, I and my brother @saxopedia with another one of us went and immediately jumped in to our normal morning duty of taking care of the pig sty and also drawing of water at the well. But among this two duties, the one which really had me to struggle with was the aspect of drawing out water from the well and unto the drums as I letter on developed some pains on my body.

Also after finishing from the duty, I went and took my bathe as I had to go to work. But now having my two juniors who are still in primary school and mom wasn’t around, I had to make some breakfast for them to eat and while allowing to the senior one money to buy something with it during the day in case they should have the need of anything.

While as I was at the bike park at a junction just right up at the road from our house, I stood there for some time trying to have a bike and when I had to finally get one, I took it and went for work.


More to that, for times now I have mostly been going to work early such that I’m often the first to get to the office but yesterday I got to arrive the second person but as the case may, upon opining of the office and I had to settle down and while turning on my working gadget, I had to like take a broom stick and joint my colleague was dusting up the dust to sweep the floor because it was so so dirty.

Still, after a while one of my superiors had me to make for him a cup of hot tea. Letter on some IT technicians who are mostly specialized in the installation of surveillance cameras came and had to start planting some cameras and while disturbing and halting us in the office from working for some time. but as it’s well known, ‘’many hands do light work’’ I had to try to assist them in order that the work get finish faster and for us in the office to connect back with work faster.



Further, upon that, I and my manager had have to be carrying out bank reconciliations and other many adjustments through out the whole day in the office such that we had to close a little bit late from work. This being like my first on the job reconciliation, I really had enough to learn though my brain was over being stress and I got exhausted as well, I was still happy that I have learned something that was good.

On leaving from work and while coming back home, I wasn’t having any physical cash on me because of that I had to trek right from work back to the house. So while along my way and at one football pitch, being captivated by an ongoing football game which was taking place I had to stand there for a long time wash the game until it got finished.


Arriving to the house I was very tired and had to only go in the kitchen and take my food and eat and while letter on I went in to my room to have some rest.

Thanks to everyone who has taking his/her precious time to read through my story. See you on the my next story.

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Peace & Love!

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Peace & love

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