Musical pilgrimage: Folk songwriter Ellis Paul is packing his 'Storyteller’s Suitcase' for his yearly trip to WoodyFest

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JUL 5, 2019 - Ellis Paul’s first expedition to Woody Guthrie’s hometown involved amateur detective work, followed by a little dabbling in archeology and arachnology.“Back in the early ′90s before the festival was even up and running, I made a pilgrimage to Okemah searching for Woody’s birthplace. … I went to the fire station, the police station, trying to find out where it was. And finally I found some guy on the corner playing guitar on his porch, and he just pointed me up the hill,” Paul recalled. “It was kind of like an Indiana Jones kind of thing. I had to become an amateur archeologist to find it because ... it was tucked away and completely overgrown.

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