@tipU Investors Update 21.07.2019: Getting Ready To HF21 :)

Hi guys, how's it going. The HF21 update does not have release date yet but we more or less know already what changes it's gonna bring. Let's have a look at the updates and how they can change @tipU activity.

every @tipu post needs to have a nice blockchain image ;)

Key HF21 Changes

When you look at the proposed (and already confirmed) changes that HF21 brings, it's clear that one of the main goals is to limit demand for bid bots - it's no mystery though, as steemit inc. devs stated this clearly. And I'm OK with that, as milking the system is obviously bad for everyone. Yet, I still think there's place for post promotion, especially the quality content creators that want to build a follower base. Let's make a quick HF21 changes recap and see how @tipU can fit in into the new system.

50/50 split between authors and curators
This means, that the vote value from voting bot has to be at least twice of the payment - otherwise the user who requested the vote will loose money (negative ROI).
Currently the vote value has to be at least x 1.33 of the payment (because author gets 0.75 of the vote, 1/0.75=1.33).
So in order to provide positive ROI, the voting service has to give higher upvotes for the same price. This means less income and profit for the investors but! The curation reward will double. In case of @tipU it means that it will be able to power down more liquid STEEM every week that will be than paid to investors.

So to deal with the lower income that comes from 50/50 split, @tipU will at least double additional STEEM profit that comes from weekly power down.
Of course it's still possible that negative ROI votes will be very common for all the bid bots. In that case the basic upvotes ROI from @tipU will have to be adjusted to ensure proper investors` profit.

Non Linear Reward Curve
Oh, this one is interesting. One of the solutions is to increase the minimum vote payment to around 8 STEEM (from 0.1 currently) - without going into details, with lower payments the upvote would have to be much higher to provide positive ROI and this would greatly lower the investors return rate (and we don't want that).

Yet, it's also possible that the lower payments will stay but users will have to accept that the lower the payment, the lower the ROI. Once HF21 goes live, @tipU will adapt to the general voting services market in this regard.

1 Minute Curation Window
This one is pretty sweet for us because @tipU can vote at any moment - including seconds after the vote request has been sent, while bid bots have fixed schedule of voting every 2.4 hours. This is a tremendous @tipU advantage when it comes to getting best curation rewards which I'm planning to use as much as I can.

To do this, the plan is to introduce additional benefits for users who use @tipU to promote new (just created) posts by giving them better upvote ROI and bonus @tipU profit sharing tokens. The curation reward game will be very important, also because it will be an important source of profit for investors.

Separate Pool For Downvotes
This is where we can draw one interesting scenario: many users, including whales downvote every post that gets upvoted by voting service. This kills voting services market and no one uses @tipU or bid bots. Game over?

Not really - if indeed voting services will be annihilated, I would like @tipU to be transformed into curation bot. A service that aims to use delegated STEEM POWER to maximize the curation rewards, power it down and use the liquid STEEM to pay dividends. This would be fully automated but also manual curation can be involved. Imagine @tipU having an agents (spotters?) that would get paid to find those quality posts and request @tipU upvotes for best curation rewards :)

But in the end I think that voting services will stay with us. The demand may get lower, or the overall market will turn into more professional direction (only big bloggers / business will use them). Some changes and adaptation will be needed but if this means that:

  • a) only quality content creators will use voting services
  • b) investors will still get good return, also thanks to increased curation rewards

I think we should be good :) Now, time for some other stuff:

@tipU Profit Sharing Tokens

The TPUs at the steem-engine market are lately trading at around 2 STEEM which is pretty crazy price if you ask me. Seems that people like this idea of liquid STEEM POWER (delegated to @tipU) that can be traded at any time.

Currently @tipU is running out of TPUs (442 left the @tipU wallet at the moment of writing this) which means that it's time to print new ones. 1 TPU is backed by 1.1 STEEM POWER and of course this parity will be kept and further increased after printing new tokens.

Please note that @tipU is not selling any TPUs on the market, I prefer to keep as much tokens as I can to allow investors and vote buyers to get them by using @tipU service.

Returning Invested Deposits

Now, to free up @tipU STEEM POWER and use it to back new tokens I will be returning deposits that are working as investments.

Back in the old days you could send STEEM/SBD to @tipU and this would give you share in @tipU profits (or you could reinvest profit for the same effect). You could, and still can of course, also withdraw this investment at any time which means that I can not do anything with it. The liquid STEEM/SBD still sits in @tipU wallet and do does not generate any value.

I've decided to send back those investments and use STEEM POWER that was backing them to back @tipU tokens instead. I totally understand that many investors won't like it but please try to understand me - around 2000 SBD and 4000 STEEM currently sits in @tipU wallet, not generating any value and taking up 4000 @tipU STEEM POWER that would be otherwise used to back up @tipU tokens.

Please note that I'm not taking any fee here, all invested SBD / STEEM will be returned and I'm sure that for the good part of last 2 years they generated nice income for the users. Also it's just generally much safer to not keep other's people money in your own wallet.

Profitability CheckI was recently reminded about the profitability checks. Remember that you can always check it at: https://www.steemprofit.infoOne thing to notice though - the results are not 100% accurate as the website calculates the ROI per day cycle. If we have a new day but the voting service hasn't send the payment yet, the ROI will be lower than the actual one. It can also work the other way round, where the ROI is a bit higher than the actual one. So, the presented ROI depends on the time of checking but usually @tipU does not drop lower than #2.

Screenshot_2019-07-21 Steem Profit.png

This pretty much wraps it up - thanks for reading and if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments or at @tipU discord. See you next time!

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20.07.2019 22:20

Nice! Thanks for the service, keep up the good work! :)

May I ask who is behind the project?

20.07.2019 22:29
20.07.2019 22:29

ah yea. sorry :D I'm just interested in too many projects and generally not good in remembering names :p

20.07.2019 22:31

No problem!

20.07.2019 22:36

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20.07.2019 22:41

Thanks for the update and answer to many questions about HF21 and @tipu service.

21.07.2019 00:19

Thank you for the change information about hf21 @tipu, very useful for us as a beginner steemeans

21.07.2019 04:28

Great article. I used @tipu for a long time as a service to promote my articles. After the appearance of a multitude of SE tokens, it is more profitable for me to buy promotion at the @smartmarket. I want to know, are you planning to invest some money in one or more SE tokens?
So that, together with the standard profit, both you and the people would receive payments in the form of SE tokens, especially since many would be ready to send you a delegation (I too) of strength to various tokens supporting the delegation.

spt #palnet #sct #battle #jjm #aaa #actnearn #weedcash #zzan #sportstalk #neoxian #steemace #int #stem #marlians #steemleo

21.07.2019 07:37

Yeah, I was thinking about getting some tribe tokens.

Currently my steem-engine wallet is worth about $500 as I used profit from @tipU to buy DEC and ENG to support the platform.

As for the tribe tokens - which one would you suggest - LEO, PAL, the splinterlands one?

As I understand, if @tipU votes with power, for example, 10% - it would also vote with the same power in all the tribe tokens, right? And it's not possible to vote in one tribe only, it's all connected with each other and steem.

Now, I'm not a fan of getting paid in various tribe tokens as:

  • the tribe creators might not want any voting bots on their platform
  • managing balances and distribution of various tokens would pain in the... complicated :)

So, the plan for now is to buy some tribe tokens, power it up and use it as a bonus profit for vote buyers.

Next, maybe investors would be able to power-up @tipU with various tribe tokens to get share in the curation rewards?

21.07.2019 09:36

So, you think delegation APR will still be around 20% or lower, higher? Will it still work through https://tipu.online/investors_data website? I have no real perception how this will work out.

21.07.2019 10:35

Probably it will stay at the similar levels as now thanks to increased curation rewards - we'll have to see :) Yeah, everything will work at https://tipu.online the same way as now.

21.07.2019 18:15

ok. Just one thing.....1 minute "curation window" is pretty special news. So now you will get full % curation at 60s? And let's say 50% at 30s? But if you upvote in 30s time you will be in front of other upvoters, so, bigger piece of the pie, I suppose. Which service can we use for auto-curation, where we can be very specific with timing (where main timing unit are seconds). Thank you

21.07.2019 19:53

So now you will get full % curation at 60s?


Which service can we use for auto-curation, where we can be very specific with timing (where main timing unit are seconds).

I don't know any, maybe they will appear after HF21.

21.07.2019 23:08

What does the error mean when trying to delegate to you a bit of me SP?

21.07.2019 21:54

You need to recover your voting power (you can check it here https://steemd.com/@cranium)

21.07.2019 23:07

...check at https://steemworld.org/@cranium

Their layout is very clear and easy to understand - much better than at 'steemd'.

24.07.2019 21:44

I delegate some of my #BATTLE to you, I also advise you to pay attention to #zzan and #steemace

22.07.2019 16:29

Got all 3 of them now, thanks!

22.07.2019 17:03
Screenshot_2019-07-21 Steem Engine - Smart Contracts on the STEEM blockchain.png
21.07.2019 14:15


21.07.2019 21:55

HOORAYA!! Consider adding neoxianag token?

22.07.2019 15:14

Yep, already got those - check out latest @tipu post :)

22.07.2019 20:03

Good stuff. Thank you!

21.07.2019 10:34

I transfer 10 steem by @masudbd but you upvote my post only $3.32 worth


Posted using Partiko Android

21.07.2019 13:47

10 Steems are worth $2.4 currently so I would say it was profitable.

21.07.2019 15:15

First things first:
To return the invested deposits is still the right thing to do, as I stated back then.
So really good that this is happening now! 👍

But another question:
What is about selling the downvote? I could imagine that there will be a market for that. Way cheaper than an upvote, but at least worth something. Before that it made little to no sense to buy a downvote, you could easily get your money back and a little plus with an upvote.
Could be a potential income source for tipu.

21.07.2019 20:17

Yes, Tipu mercenary for flag wars! I'm sure that would sit well with large investors. Let's kill Steem together!

28.07.2019 00:06

It doesn't have to be an inherently bad thing.
Vote selling services can do a lot to prevent abuse, black- & whitelists could help in that matter.

But, as mentioned, I think that this is coming, nonetheless. It's a resource given to every account which has some kind of a value. Not really high, but it's something, so it will be tapped.
The wrong way would not to acknowledge this and not to start a discussion about it.

28.07.2019 20:10

If someone buys a flag for me, I will flag 2.5 posts of theirs a day until the damage is paid back and more. I could also buy a flag for them and/or any associated account and it may be a lot worse than what they did to me capiche?

The person who is selling the flags will also get flagged. The loser could be permanently turned off of Steem and they aren't going to necessarily be poor content creators. As you can see whales and investors probably don't want this madness. All it takes is one whale to stomp any mercenaries profits away. If Tipu wants to be one of the least popular accounts on Steemit and watch its delegations dry up, it can go ahead and try to profit off of selling flags.

When I risk being flagged, I am going to stop posting and just lease out my Steem or sell it. Selling flags is as bad as selling slaps in the face, there had better be a damn good reason. Have some accountability, powerup and give your own flags! A blacklist will likely exist for anyone selling or buying flags.

28.07.2019 21:43

@tipu profit 100

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25.07.2019 19:24

Yesterday 100.0 STEEM POWER delegated or invested gave payout of:
0.001 SBD + 0.044 STEEM (0.01 USD), APR: 16.92% .

Delegation link: steemconnect 100.0 SP delegation to @tipu.

Please note that your profit can be slightly different (depending on the payout time).

Check out https://www.steemprofit.info to compare @tipU with other services.

25.07.2019 19:25

@tipu profit 250

09.08.2019 12:07

Yesterday 250.0 STEEM POWER delegated or invested gave payout of:
0.003 SBD + 0.13 STEEM (0.03 USD), APR: 20.69% .

Delegation link: steemconnect 250.0 SP delegation to @tipu.

Please note that your profit can be slightly different (depending on the payout time).

Check out https://www.steemprofit.info to compare @tipU with other services.

09.08.2019 12:07