Erectile dysfunction

Causes and prevention of erectile dysfunction
Relationship between masturbation and erectile dysfunction
There has been a common belief that masturbation can directly cause erectile dysfunction, ED occurs as a result of one’s inability to be able to get as well as maintain erection. The fairy tale that masturbation is a cause for erectile dysfunction is not a basic fact, this is because masturbation is not a direct influence that can cause erectile dysfunction. Many people that really believe masturbation is the cause for erectile dysfunction have failed to overlook some of the most sophistication of masturbation as well as the mental and physical causes of ED, a lot of which has nothing to be involved with masturbation.
Research findings on the relationship between erectile dysfunction and masturbation
there has been a lot of researches to find if any relationship exit between masturbation and erectile dysfunction, one particular research looked at a case of a man who complaint that the main cause of his erectile dysfunction is as a result of his frequent habit of masturbation, that has almost ruin his marriage, he was diagnosed with depressive disorder. This diagnosis coupled with some sexual education as well as marriage rehabilitation help him to establish a healthy sexual relationship with his spouse just with a few months.
Some research also suggest that frequent masturbation as a result of porn watching can add to erectile dysfunction through desensitizing one to some certain imagery as well as physical intimacy. There are a lot of neurological effects of porn concerning ED, and till date there has not been a single result that attests to the believe that masturbation is a cause of erectile dysfunction.
The real cause of erectile dysfunction in men
The cause of erectile dysfunction in men can be physical and psychological and in many cases it can both cause it.
The physical cause of erectile dysfunction
Some of the physical causes of ED are as follows:
high level of cholesterol
Parkinson’s disease
Cardiovascular disease.
The psychological causes of erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction can also occur as a result of psychological causes such as:
Anxiety from issues relating to one’s professional as well as personal life
Difficulty in finding intimacy in a romantic relationship
Methods or habits that can help in preventing erectile dysfunction
Having the case of erectile dysfunction is not the end of the world for you, there are of course a lot of lifestyle changes which can help you in pulling through this malfunction. And some os the changes that you need to make among others are as follows:
Involving in activities that will reduce or probably eradicate stress
Reduction in the intake of alcohol.
Engaging in a daily and routine exercise, lets say 30 minutes a day.
Make a conscious effort to stop smoking tobacco products.
Having the case of erectile dysfunction is not really a much thing to worry about, once you are certain that you have some symptoms that relates to erectile dysfunction, make sure you talk to your doctor, who will recommend you with the best ways of maintaining as well as prescribing you some medications that will help you in pulling through this inevitable disease called erectile dysfunction.

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