Trips and Tips: Vergina Museum – Visit the tombs of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great and his grandson’s Alexander IV


There once was a King of a weak kingdom, who through his wits managed to unite all the tribes of his region, dominate, reign and prosper, paving the way to the conquests of his son, Alexander the Great. His name was Philip II the Macedonian.


Philip was said to be a direct descendant of Hercules! He was so smart that created one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient world. When he ascended the throne in 359BC, the kingdom of Macedonia was weak, poor and fragmented. During the two decades of his reign, until his assassination in 336BC, he had turned Macedonia into a leading State of his times. But I think the greatest achievement of all, was that King Philip II the Macedonian gave birth and vision to King Alexander the Great...



Alexander was taught by one of the greatest philosophers of the ancient world, Aristotle. And spread his culture to the depths of Asia...can you imagine that? 2300 years later there are civilisations that derive their birthmark from Alexander the Great... Can you even grasp the vision of those people? I surely can't...


These are the doors to the tomb of King Philip II



The golden larnax where they found the bones of King Philip with the Vergina Sun and his golden crown… amazing works of art!


Next to him, inside the tomb, there were the remainders of one of his wives, probably Meda or Cleopatra.


His weapons





Next to his tomb, there was a similar tomb that is believed to belong to his grandson, Alexander the IV, son of Alexander the Great and Roxane. He was believed to die at the age of 13…he never met his father…


All of these findings are attributed to this archaeologist, Manolis Andronikos, thanks to whom, we see our heritage with our own eyes.


Go to Vergina in the North of Greece and have a look at this museum... it is highly worth it..


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Love this post, and great photos my dear!

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Thank you darling! I was taught from the best!

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Your history is absolutely fascinating.

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Indeed...thanks for your comments...precise as always!

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With pleasure. Thank you!

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hy dear @tikotiko, great post! you are right, sometimes it is beautiful and noble to remember what great men did before us! Alexander the Great is one of the milestones of history, certainly an intelligent, courageous and very charismatic man! beautiful your photos too !! keep on and thanks for sharing with us !! good day :-))

09.11.2019 11:35

Thanks for reading! Good day!

09.11.2019 16:52

Hello Hello!

They are beautiful jewels, treasures with a unique value, I loved reading the post

Greetings from Venezuela

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I totally agree! Cheers!

09.11.2019 16:52

wow Thank you for this great walk through history and art. The photographs are really beautiful. The goldsmith's pieces are works of art. This post is very good. A big hello @tikotiko

09.11.2019 21:44

Thank you very much @marcybetancourt.. if you ever visit northern Greece, it is a Must-See!

10.11.2019 07:04

Thanks for the suggestion. If one day I go to Greece I will surely go!

10.11.2019 17:27

I like that you made this museum visit sound so exciting. Your story is interesting and fits the photos perfectly. Thank you for showing us the collection.

Have a lovely day!

10.11.2019 11:27

Thank you for your kind comments!it means a lot!😀😀

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