The life of a DTube leader node owner is not as easy as it seams some times... My ...

... node forked and I need to replay the whole chain for around 4 days in post. The backups of my machine are automated by the service provider of that server and I am sure I will backup the mongodb separately from now on..

But hey - I am an important part of this platform :) that's all I ever wanted :D


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Happy to have people like you as "Leaders" on our amazing platform bro.
By the way, when I uploaded my latest video I saw a new option,". Is this the option for those who host their videos with one love dtube?

02.08.2019 07:30

@tibfox glad to see others running nodes to help build the dtube project. I'm doing the same with my onelovedtube bot and uploader.

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02.08.2019 09:18

Thats awesome! Didn't knew that :P
Thats the real ideal of blockchains and dApps. The community is a big part of the whole ecosystem and provides tech and know how as well to run this awesome steemiverse :)

+# Big thumbs up!


06.08.2019 19:58


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