Control over oneself is the only real control.

Contemplation: Normally we understand control as something we need to have over others or situations. So when things go wrong, our first thought is to exert control.

But since neither the situations nor the people can ever be in our hands, we are unable to succeed in controlling them.

Application: Instead of trying to control things that are out of my hands, I need to learn how to control myself. By being aware of my own actions and reactions, 1 can learn self-control.

This will affect how I behave when things go wrong, allowing me to approach events and people in a more positive, constructive way.


*Source - Google Play Store: Famous Motivational Quotes


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Totally agreed. However, how many people can really control themselves without getting affected by external forces. Very few indeed.

23.07.2019 02:41

That amazing isn’t?

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24.07.2019 03:45