Marii Agrumented Reality (AR) Workshop

Augmented Reality (AR) applications and services are becoming very popular nowadays, mainly due to the expansion of powerful mobile devices and new concepts such as

Project Glass by Google1
. AR projects are no longer just laboratory concepts but existing solutions supporting a constantly growing number of complex tasks, navigation systems, education, entertainment, etc. Therefore AR is very close to becoming a household term and is visible in audio-visual media like games, TV, e-learning, etc.

According to the 2013 Horizon Report2, the use of wearable technology will increase which will accelerate the expansion of such technologies like augmented reality in the consumer market and educational sector.

When we scrutinize the taxonomy of Mixed Reality we will observe that area unit could be a type of Mixed Reality, quite on the point of Real atmosphere. In distinction to VR that utterly immerses a user in an exceedingly computer-generated world, area unit enriches the important world by computer-generated content.

It may well be 2D and 3D objects, audio or video files, matter data, avatar, interactive interfaces, etc. The user will act with these digital virtual objects superimposed upon or seamlessly mixed with the important world. area unit supplements reality instead of utterly exchange the globe round the user. It permits real and virtual components to be at a similar time and area.

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