Hello Steemians! Let me introduce myself :)

Introduction 😊

Hello Steemians! My name is Oriol and I am originally from Barcelona but I am currently working in Italy. I am an Aerospace Engineer who is passionate about aerodynamics and how AI is transforming our lives. Personally, I am a vegan, tech freak, calisthenics fan who aims to get always the best of every experience.


Studies and Professional Career 🚀

I am currently finishing my Master Degree in Aerospace Engineering in the Netherlands and working as an Aerodynamicist at a Formula One Team 🚗 in Italy. I absolutely love what I do and I really feel grateful for the opportunities life has given to me to chase my dreams.


Hobbies 🏖
Although it might sound cliche, I absolutely enjoy traveling. Having grown up in Europe is an advantage because you get to know many different countries and cultures by just flying a few miles. 🚁

On the other hand, I train calisthenics ✊ on a daily bases and I follow a plant-based diet. 🌱 I mention the latter together because I truly believe that physic activity and nutrition are highly linked. Food is our fuel and to power up our body, we should aim to give it the best energy sources we can. On top of that, if no animals get hurt at all, the better. 🐮


My Blog ✎

Honestly, I am into AI and technology regarding big tech companies such as Google, Amazon or Tesla. Therefore, I would like to write mostly about news and express my humble opinion about where are we heading to with this rapid development. However, I also enjoy discussing nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, finances, mindfulness, and personal development. Most likely I will end up posting what I ultimately feel like but, of course, I will also want to hear your opinion! 😄

And this is it for now! 🙋

I hope you had a nice week and you are getting ready for an amazing weekend! 😜

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Welcome thisweekin!
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06.02.2020 20:42

Greetings @thisweekin, Welcome to the steemit world!

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06.02.2020 20:42

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06.02.2020 20:45

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/15 - need recharge?)

06.02.2020 20:45

Thanks for the support!

06.02.2020 21:29

You’re welcome. Keep it up buddy ✌️✌️

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06.02.2020 21:31

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06.02.2020 20:48

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06.02.2020 22:21

Welcome :)

06.02.2020 23:00

We have some different hobbies, but I would still like to give you a warm welcome, you seem like a nice addition to the community! Hope I can go to Netherlands and Italy and most of all Barcelona some day soon!

07.02.2020 06:04

Many thanks for your support! I am really excited about being part of this community and I hope I can add some value and learn from all of you. By the way, I took a look at your blog and it is amazing! Keep it up!

08.02.2020 15:12

thanks a lot! :-)

09.02.2020 10:13

Do you like natural remedies?

07.02.2020 09:04

Yes! I am a true believer in natural medicine as opposite to the modern pharmaceutical industries.

08.02.2020 15:13


08.02.2020 20:39

Welcome to Steemit @thisweekin!

I hope you like it here and feel inspired to share more with us.

Most likely I will end up posting what I ultimately feel like

That's the way to go! :)

07.02.2020 14:52

Thanks for your warm welcome 😊 I am really looking forward to sharing, learning and enjoying this experience

08.02.2020 15:16

Welcome aboard. It sounds like you have a lot to teach us:) Happy steeming.

07.02.2020 15:09

07.02.2020 16:13

Welcome to steemit @thisweekin.

Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

07.02.2020 19:32

Hello and welcome to the land of Steem!
There have been more and more articles popping up about AI here on steem. Looks like you're just in time. 😉
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08.02.2020 02:04

Welcome to Steem, Oriol :) Man, you are in really good shape. And congrats on your job. I know you must love working with Formula One cars :)

Hope to see you around. Resteemed

08.02.2020 05:34

Thanks @robertandrew for the compliment! I try to do my best: Exercising daily and eating whole foods are a few key factors I would say. On the other hand, I absolutely love my job, yes! Hope to hear from you again in the future 😊

08.02.2020 15:20

Welcome to the Community Oriol!

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08.02.2020 08:07

Hola Oriol :)

08.02.2020 08:38

Welcome, it's a great place to have fun!

08.02.2020 08:39

Welcome to steemit 😉 I hope you Will love it here as much as I do, and be inspired by People and learning much.
This place really has changed my life and I found some real friends here.
I can't wait to se what you share and remember to follow your passion 👍 be you.

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck 😉 and if its ever anything you Wonder, never hessitate to ask. Cheers!

09.02.2020 05:12

Thanks for the support @saffisara ! Aiming to share, learn and get the most out of the community 🙂

12.02.2020 19:57

Benvingut Oriol! Molt bona presentació!

09.02.2020 16:56

Gracies! Honestament no estic encara gaire familiaritzat amb aquesta plataforma pero espero fer-m'hi de seguida! 🙂

12.02.2020 19:59

Ok, aquí estem per qualsevol dubte que tinguis!

12.02.2020 20:15

Welcome Oriol! Always fun to find another plant-based fitness enthusiast on the blockchain. :) Looks like you will have some fun experiences to share with us here on Steemit!

09.02.2020 18:28

Hey Oriol 🙂 Welcome, welcome, welcome - Awesome to have you here and most importantly of all... It is really great to meet you. Many of your interests resonate with me although I am a touch terrified by AI ((you've watched Terminator, right??? 😂 )) I should say though, we all know AI is obviously going to revolutionise the world.

I look forward to your thoughts on the future developments of the 'Big Tech' sector and how you see them impacting our way of life as the future rolls out before us today in a way and at a speed mankind could never have believed possible.

I love your ethical stance towards diet and agree entirely with your suggested link, I too believe the food/fuel we choose affects everything else in our life. One of the greatest insights I discovered when I gave up meat many years ago was that my mind felt sharper, critical thinking and reason became clearer and the general feeling of wellbeing was quite overwhelming for some time.

You are doing fabulously well in life and I think you gave at-least one fairly big hint as to why that is when you describe yourself as someone...

who aims to get always the best of every experience.

I wholeheartedly believe that when we approach life with such a powerful, affirming mindset it is almost akin to having a superpower.

You are an amazing fit and set to be a huge asset to this wonderful community. Very best wishes to you and yours from me and mine. May your time among us be fun, fulfilling and filled with friendship. I hope to cross paths with you many, many times in the future 🙂

11.02.2020 21:38

Thanks for leaving this comment. It is really encouraging 🙂. It is great to hear of someone else who is also noticing the long-lasting benefits of veganism. Nowadays it seems a kind of mainstream trend but as you probably know there is much else underneath!😊Hope to hear from you soon and nice to meet you!

12.02.2020 19:56

Welcome Oriol
To the great community of Steemit,
YESS its true ; You are a new Steemian now!
I saw your #introduceyourself and its nice to meet you. We havent met before but that changes as off now ! That’s what we do on the platform here.
Blogging, building and uplifting eachother is what steemit needs and what its all about on this blockchain. The best part is that you could earn money too.💴💸💰
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I wish you good luck with steeming and I Will See you around🍀
Your value and input is appreciated!
Good luck with your journey and may you find what you are looking for.
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12.02.2020 19:34