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It's a good thing for us to behave pleasing others around us. It may highly affect your image. Others intend to think that you're not a person who deny things or say no to anything. Beyond that, you have to agree to all the things they say or do otherwise it does not take a long time to damage your image. So, it's better for them to have you with them. You are maintaining a different image for yourself while having different thoughts in your mind. You want to say β€˜NO’ but you can't say β€˜NO’. So, is it good for you? πŸ€”

Once you say β€˜YES’ for β€˜NO’, you will over-think unnecessarily. It doesn't good for our health. It doesn't matter if you say β€˜NO’ to others. On one hand, you need to gather your strong guts to say that. On the other hand, it's not a problem denying things you don't like at all. If you keep telling β€˜YES’ about things that you don't want to do, what will happen to yourself?

Actually, this a common problem. We play different roles in this society as a child, a sibling, a partner or a parent. So, we have to behave under various conditions. Then there are so many situations that we want to deny but can't. Just think you're a parent and your 12-year child demand something inappropriate for his age. What do you do? You must have to say β€˜NO’ as a parent. But some don't do that because thinking that child is hurt. It doesn't matter because they are children who in a phase that learning self-control.

Steady yourself. Take your time and think about the situation. Think about all the pros and cons you will get. Clear all doubts to yourself. If it is β€˜NO’ then why should it be β€˜YES’ or β€˜MAYBE’? You are going to deny a thing not the person. Don't feel guilty about yourself. Say β€˜NO’!

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23.04.2021 16:03

If you keep telling β€˜YES’ about things that you don't want to do, what will happen to yourself?

It destroys real happiness our lives.
Valuable article πŸ€—πŸ’•

23.04.2021 19:26

It destroys real happiness of our lives.

That's right.

Thank you. πŸ’›

24.04.2021 18:07

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24.04.2021 03:20

Yeah, I feel guilty after saying no and just before saying no thinking what will they think if I say no. Really sad to see the people who think that we should do whatever they say and pressure us a lot.

Very good article akka!

24.04.2021 06:43

Thank you πŸ’›

That's today's problem. Everyone is too hurry to judge others and expect their satisfaction only. They go out of their way to please others and eventually lose themselves.

24.04.2021 18:13

According to my opinion, before you say 'NO' to someone, you need to consider below concerns. 😊

  • WHY you say no
  • WHEN you say no
  • HOW you say no

Then you can say 'NO' to anyone without feeling guilty. πŸ€—

24.04.2021 17:27

You're so right! This is what we should do.

Thank you for your valuable comment. πŸ’›

24.04.2021 18:17